The Savoy Grill

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Situated on London’s iconic Strand, the Savoy Grill at the prestigious Savoy Hotel, recently underwent a complete refurbishment in the Spring of 2023. The new design aimed to bring the restaurant into the 21st century while retaining its timeless elegance, with luxurious and striking interiors befitting the establishment.

The sound system in this restaurant represents a key component in building a memorable dining experience. Background music was to be warm and provide ambience to diners, yet it was critical that the technology would be discreet enough to blend into the interior design. In the main restaurant, distributed K-array KV25s have been installed on custom 3D-printed brackets and finished in different RAL colours to provide a discreet solution.

K-array’s Pure Array Technology allows for wide sound distribution on the horizontal plane and narrow on the vertical. Therefore, the amount of energy sent towards the ceiling and floor is minimised, resulting in a more focused sound beam that can cover a longer distance uniformly. KU44 subwoofers are hidden within the banquette seating, providing a low-end extension from 150Hz to 50Hz.

The prestigious Wine Room at the Savoy Grill incorporates K-array’s ultra-discreet Lyzard KZ14s installed flat to the wall, coupled with a hidden KTR24 small form factor subwoofer, providing an excellent solution for audio reinforcement within an intimate environment. Lyzard loudspeakers are one of the smallest models in the K-array product portfolio. Measuring just 10cm tall, this compact size makes it the perfect solution for discreet audio integration.

Due to the layout and design of the renowned Chef’s Table area, ceiling-mounted Tornado KT2 point source loudspeakers were deployed, again coupled with a KTR24 subwoofer located underneath the seating. Truffle subwoofers from K-array allow audio reproduction down to 45Hz (-6dB).

Deploying loudspeakers in optimal locations from a sound design point of view, without contradicting any on-site interior design elements, posed a challenge. Multiple coordination meetings with the architect and interior design team allowed us to define the best and most discreet locations and decide on the best RAL colour finishes for the loudspeakers.

Working towards a strict deadline and a finite window for installation was another challenging aspect of the Savoy Grill integration which we overcame through effective project management and planning.

It was crucial for both us and the client to consider long-term sustainability. To achieve this, we implemented strategies to ensure that the products chosen were of the highest quality and would have an impact far beyond the initial implementation.

We exceeded the original scope and didn’t just deliver it. The client did not know what they wanted, so in addition to the initial scope, we conducted a complete discovery and consultation, proof of concept, and complete design and plotted and simulated the design, installation, commissioning, and aftercare.

This demonstrates the client’s trust in us to deliver something from nothing. This leads us to the client relationship which we believe to be a differentiator. We have been their preferred supplier across 35 sites.

Working with a business for over 12 years brings is no mean feat, and brings a sense of familiarity, trust, and shared history that is invaluable. Over time, we develop a deep understanding of each other’s needs, preferences, and ways of working. This familiarity streamlines processes, leading to more efficient collaborations and better outcomes. There’s also a sense of comfort in knowing that we can rely on each other, which builds a strong foundation of trust. Ultimately, our enjoyment comes from the satisfaction of achieving goals together, overcoming challenges, and growing alongside a valued customer.

We innovated by delivering a discreet, high-fidelity system from start to finish. This was simulated and designed using the K-array Framework. Due to the interior design, we had to custom-make speaker brackets based on a minimum height. This meant the speakers were higher than initially planned. To combat this, we developed alongside K-array’s distributor 2BHeard some 3D-printed brackets to offer some pan and tilt on the usual flat-to-wall product. This was all still achieved within budget.

Additional factors such as sustainability were taken into account, and we are proud to deploy K-array due to their durable and longer-lasting products, made from materials that are easily recyclable at the end of their life, such as aluminium and stainless steel. This choice represents a step towards a more circular and sustainable economy within our industry.