The Sustainability Panel

The Sustainability Award will be judged by a different panel, who have demonstrated evidence of sustainable practices in the industry, and may include a representative from the previous year’s winner of the award.

Carina Jandt

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Event Cycle

Working with high profile clients at companies such as the experiential marketing agency GPJ, Carina was able to witness first hand the growing desire for her clients to become more sustainable. On the flip side, over the 10 years as a technical production manager, she would also see all the items that were sent into skips and off to landfill.

Over the years of volunteering, she quickly noticed the increasing demand for donations with charities and felt that there was a need to combine the two. Her venture Event Cycle does just that – helping the event industry implement practical solutions to sustainability challenges while creating a positive social impact and a lasting legacy. She hopes to be able to support the events industry in the transition into a more circular economy and to help those most in need in the process.

Dee Parsons

CEO and Sustainability & Outreach Director

Dee Parsons, a passionate and seasoned professional with over 26 years of senior management experience, who is dedicated to making a positive impact at every level. She excels in blending creative innovation with commercial success, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and community outreach. As the CEO of the Better Green Group, she oversees three core divisions: Better Green Productions, Better Green Living, and Better Green Overlay, collaborating with renowned brands, events and commercial giants.

Furthermore, Dee is the founder and CEO of Creative House Productions, adapting movie or special intellectual property for theatre. Through trusted partnerships, they’ve co-produced successful shows, including Magic Mike Live London and the upcoming production DIAMONDS and DUST with Dita Von Teese.

Dee’s commitment to sustainability and outreach extends to her industry, clients and partners to achieve universal social responsibility without compromising creativity or financial stability.