Temple Beth Torah

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There were several challenges that needed to be overcome to ensure a successful outcome for the Temple Beth Torah project. The existing building had unsatisfactory acoustics and aging A/V systems that did not provide ample sound reinforcement or the ability to broadcast and stream audio and video to the standards required by its leadership.

In terms of acoustics, the WSDG Team modeled the space of the synagogue using the latest techniques and equipment and made recommendations that would improve the reverberation times and speech intelligibility of the room without compromising its aesthetic appearance. The team specified the ideal acoustic materials for Temple Beth Torah’s signature dome and ceiling as well as movable partitions that could be utilized in multiple room configurations.

In terms of A/V system design and sound reinforcement, the WSDG team created an updated systems design package that included a completely redesigned loudspeaker system and sound reinforcement equipment for excellent audibility and support for musical performances. In addition to this, the team also advised visual and audio broadcasting equipment for live streaming of services.

To meet the temple’s extensive lighting needs, the WSDG Design Team created a recommendation package that included solutions for both main lighting schemes and indirect lighting for the lectern, allowing for a variety of moods and lighting setups, all controlled by automation. The stained-glass windows in the dome also are lit by exterior lights.

Temple Beth Torah has stood as a historically important gathering place for the Jewish community in South Florida for more than 80 years. It serves as a model for the extraordinary transformation taking place in houses of worship in the modern era in terms of live sound and theatrical lighting design and the effects that this can have on rallying worship communities post-pandemic. The renovations undertaken at Temple Beth Torah led by Schapiro Associates and WSDG showcase how houses of worship have rapidly come to rival traditional live event spaces in terms of acoustics, sound reinforcement, A/V recording capabilities, programming versatility, and lighting design, thus enabling them to claim their rightful place as community magnets for the worship populations that gather there. The renovations to Temple Beth Torah ensure that it will easily serve these communities for another 80 years and many more to come.