Rancho Merengue

ProjectRancho MerengueLocationReading, PA, USALighting DesignerTirso Pelaez, Tirso LightingInstallerTirso LightingSubmitted byTirso Lighting

The Rancho Merengue project stands out as a beacon of innovative design and technological integration in the nightlife industry. Our holistic approach not only revitalized the venue but also redefined what is possible in creating immersive entertainment experiences.

Our project utilised innovative lighting design to create a dynamic, adaptable environment. Through the strategic placement of custom LED linear fixtures and the integration of advanced control systems (Madrix & Onyx), we crafted scenes that ranged from intimate and cozy to vibrant and energetic, matching the club’s diverse entertainment offerings. This versatility transformed the venue into a captivating space that could shift mood and atmosphere at a moment’s notice, enhancing the overall guest experience.

The installation of high-resolution LED screens, managed by Resolume, introduced a visual storytelling element to Rancho Merengue. These screens became canvases for immersive visuals that complemented events, setting the tone and enhancing the atmosphere. Whether showcasing live performances, DJ sets, or thematic visuals, the screens added a layer of engagement, making each visit to the club a unique encounter.

One of the main challenges was integrating our envisioned lighting and display solutions within the existing structure without diminishing its character. By carefully planning the installation of our selected technologies—Madrix, Nebula hardware, Onyx, and Resolume—we achieved a harmonious blend of old and new. Another challenge was ensuring the ease of use for the club’s staff. Customized training sessions were conducted, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to leverage the new systems to their full potential, thus ensuring the venue’s diverse programming could be supported with ease.

The careful selection and application of lighting and display technologies, including Madrix for LED control, Onyx for moving fixtures , and Resolume for video content, were instrumental in achieving this transformation. Yet, it was our vision for a space that could adapt to any event and resonate with every visitor that truly set this project apart. Winning the MONDO-DR Award would affirm our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in nightclub design and integration.