ProjectVybzLocationNew York City, USALighting DesignerTirso Pelaez, Tirso LightingInstallerTirso LightingSubmitted byTirso Lighting

Vybz Astoria represents a pinnacle of innovation in Bar design, marrying sophisticated interior aesthetics with cutting-edge visual technology to create an unparalleled nightlife experience. This project stands as a testament to our team’s ability to transform a client’s vision into reality, meticulously integrating modern LED lighting and custom led screens within an existing design.

The project not only met the owners aspiration of bringing a slice of Las Vegas to New York but did so in a way that preserved and enhanced the venue’s original charm and vibe.

The integration of linear LED pixel bars, strategically placed to complement the venue’s gold panels and pergola ceiling design, introduced a layer of sophistication and modernism. The choice to use a tinted black diffuser ensured that the lights blended invisibly into the design when not in use but transformed the space into a vibrant spectacle once turned on. This careful consideration allowed us to enhance the ambiance subtly, creating an immersive experience that reacts dynamically to the bars programming, thereby achieving the Las Vegas-inspired vibrancy the owner envisioned.

To elevate the existing artwork and offer a versatile canvas for digital art, we designed large LED screen panels framed to mimic traditional picture frames, finished in gold to match the bars existing palette. This approach allowed us to introduce modern technology in a way that felt intentional and intrinsic to the venue’s design. These displays, capable of showcasing an expanded digital art collection or branded content, have become a focal point for creating thematic experiences, thereby enriching the visual narrative of the bars events.

A primary challenge was ensuring the technological enhancements complemented, rather than overshadowed the existing interior design. To achieve this, meticulous planning and 3D space planning was used, allowing us to preview and refine the integration of LED screens within the existing layout. Another significant challenge was executing the installation with minimal disruption to the club’s operations. Through strategic scheduling and efficient coordination with electrical and millwork teams, we managed to implement the upgrades behind the scenes, unveiling the transformation just in time for the bars bustling weekend nights.

Winning an award for this project would recognize the creativity, technical skill, and sensitivity our team brought to Vybz Astoria, setting a new benchmark for blending technology with design in bar venues.