Jenavies Cafe

ProjectJenavies CafeLocationNew York City, USAManufacturersMadrixArchitectPH3 Workshop USALighting DesignerTirso Pelaez - Tirso LightingInstallerTirso LightingSubmitted byTirso Lighting

The transformation of Jenavie’s Cafe stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and innovative lighting solutions in enhancing the dining experience. By creating an engaging, interactive milkshake station, optimising the space for efficiency and enjoyment, and employing a dynamic lighting scheme that breathes life into the restaurant, we have redefined what a family-friendly restaurant can be. This project showcases our ability to blend creativity with technology, resulting in a space that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

By leveraging Madrix lighting control software, we introduced RGB pixel lighting throughout the cafe, particularly within the marquee-style designs surrounding the order counter and TV screens. This approach not only illuminated the space with vibrant, playful light but also created a theatrical ambiance that perfectly matched the interactive milkshake station. The incorporation of track lighting added versatility to the general illumination, allowing for easy adjustments to suit any needs or events held within the cafe.

Digital displays, framed like artwork, were integrated throughout Jenavie’s Cafe, enriching the space with vibrant visuals and interactive experiences. These LED panels, placed near the milkshake station and dining areas, cycle through menu items, art, and thematic graphics, creating an immersive atmosphere that complements the cafe’s lively decor. The customisable content not only entertains but also streamlines the dining experience, making every visit unique. This strategic use of display technology has transformed the cafe into a dynamic and inviting destination, markedly increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Integrating the interactive milkshake station without disrupting the cafe’s operational flow posed a significant challenge. This was addressed by carefully redesigning the layout to ensure the station became a central feature without impeding movement.

Preserving the cafe’s welcoming atmosphere while introducing vibrant design elements required a balanced approach; we achieved this by selecting colours and lighting that complemented the existing interior. The exterior signage and lighting design needed to be eye-catching yet harmonious with the interior, a challenge we met by extending the marquee concept to the facade, thereby creating a cohesive visual identity for Jenavie’s Cafe.

Winning this award would recognise our team’s dedication to delivering exceptional design solutions that elevate customer experiences and contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses. Jenavie’s Cafe has become a beacon in its community, attracting families with its inviting atmosphere and becoming a case study in how design and lighting can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary.