Potato Head Beach Club

ProjectPotato Head Beach ClubLocationBali, IndonesiaManufacturers1 SOUNDDistributorMelodia, BaliArchitectOffice For Metropolitan Architecture [OMA]InstallerSontastic, BaliSubmitted by1 SOUND

The original Potato Head eatery in Jakarta was created with the mission of “Good times, Do Good,” innovating through design, sustainability, and cuisine. Since it has been ever-evolving, Desa Potato Head opened in Bali, Indonesia as an outpost 5-star hotel comprised of restaurants, a beach club with renowned DJs every day and night, and curated entertainment. It is now one of the most iconic and notable venues on the island, with multiple boutique hotel concepts and a wildly creative lab reimagining waste into various design objects.

Potato Head decided to upgrade their beach club audio system and contracted Michael Boyle,
an independent audio consultant, for the consultation and design and Sontastic for the system
installation. Knowing that 1 SOUND was recently made available in Indonesia, the team felt it
was the perfect audio solution for this versatile outdoor venue. Melodia recently became the 1
SOUND distributor in Indonesia, providing Boyle and Sontastic with a whole new line of
innovative and premium outdoor loudspeakers, along with expertise and support for the product
line. The team implemented 1 SOUND loudspeakers for the entire distributed system, which
included the upper-level dining indoor/outdoor space, the main dance floor and bar, the lawn
with daybeds, and the beachfront pool.

Ian implemented 1 SOUND loudspeakers for the entire distributed system, which included the upper level dining indoor/outdoor space, main dance floor and bar, the lawn with daybeds, and the beachfront pool.

The goal of the audio was to have a high-quality sounding, durable, and power-efficient sound system that can handle DJs every day, 10 am until 2 am, while not creating noise pollution for the neighboring hotels or beach.

This installation consisted of around 60 loudspeakers all built with stainless steel 316 A4 hardware and accessories. For the seated dining areas on the upper level and under the overhang, Cannon C5 coaxials were deployed for music. These Cannons have an extended low-frequency response, so bass is heard and depicted, resulting in the design not requiring subwoofers in those dining areas. For the main bar and dance floor area with VIP tables, two Contour CT212 and SUB2112 systems were deployed utilizing the Contour Rigging System. This 5-way system is capable of 145 max SPL, delivering club impact with a lack of distortion at high volumes, which lessens ear fatigue over time.

The smaller, but still just as loud Contour, the CT28, is distributed in the rest of the space, mounted and aimed from the ceiling in a horizontal deployment as well as from columns in a vertical deployment using the CT28 Horizontal Brackets and the CT28 Wall Brackets.

These are supported by additional SUB2112s. Transitioning from the open concept building out to the lawn full of daybeds are clusters of two CT28s and a SUB310 providing a long throw for the lawn. Seating by the beach and pool are supported with cardioid Tower LCC44s, SUB310s, and Cannon C6s. Sontastic was able to mount these loudspeakers to the palm trees creating custom mounts without disrupting the trees. The swim-up pool bar deployed Cannon C4 marine loudspeakers.

The main challenge of this project was the weather conditions that are unique to Bali. It is a small island of beaches and the weather is very humid and rainy. Part of the final system optimization tuning actually had to be done during a hurricane. Johansson, worked with 1 SOUND to make sure that every loudspeaker could be made with stainless steel hardware and accessories. Since 1 SOUND is a newer loudspeaker brand that is still building their catalog, they were able to push along the process of offering every loudspeaker they make in a marine version, consisting of stainless steel 316 A4 hardware, specifically for installations like this.

Aside from the robust and durable qualities of the loudspeaker installation, Boyle and Sontastic
managed to produce an audio design that is now more distributed with an impactful sound and
unprecedented lack of distortion at high SPL, while not polluting the beach or neighboring
hotels. One way of achieving this was by implementing 1 SOUND’s cardioid Tower LCC44 loudspeakers that have a tight dispersion pattern and cancellation in the rear. The positioning of the loudspeakers and their off-axis qualities were crucial when creating this distributed audio design without causing noise pollution.

At the time, new to 1 SOUND, Ian Johannson, felt empowered to pursue this job knowing the 1 SOUND catalog and support as a brand. He discussed with 1 SOUND how their loudspeakers are IP55-rated, saltwater protected and also how the manufacturer could make all of their loudspeakers built with fully stainless steel 316 A4 hardware, even though it was not a marketed offering at the time.

1 SOUND made a commitment to Sontastic to turn out these parts in time for this installation and now offers all of their loudspeakers in marine versions. 1 SOUND also supported Boyle and
Sontasticin the final system optimisation, making sure the integration was the best possible result for this flagship venue.

The work done on Potato Head is an example of how a communicative and transparent relationship between an audio integrator and audio manufacturer makes it possible to create the best outcome for the venue. This audio system upgrade resulted in not just a durable, long-lasting system, but an impactful sound with unprecedented lack of distortion and high SPL.