Award winning chef, Tomi Björck, required an audio solution for his newest restaurant, Lily Lee, which offers Taiwanese cuisine in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Across his restaurants, Tom plays loud music, so the quality of sound was the main consideration. In addition, the brief required a solution that was environmentally friendly.

Genelec were approached directly by Tom, who has had positive experiences with them before. Between them and integrator, 4Business Oy, it was decided that Genelec’s 4030C loudspeakers would be the best fit: offering excellent acoustic output and controlled directivity from a compact enclosure. An extensive network of these were installed to ensure coverage in every corner of the restaurant.

Furthermore, the audio solution had to be able to cater for background music, as well as DJs at the weekend. Genelec’s on-board room compensation controls helped to solve this issue, allowing the integrator to tune the system to meet their client’s diverse requirements.

As well as needing excellent coverage, he also wanted the capability for high sound levels to handle DJ performances at weekends. However, the size of loudspeakers was also restricted, requiring some creative positioning.

One of Tom’s requirements was to provide a sound system that complemented his food, which places an emphasis on high-quality, natural materials and ingredients. Therefore, the loudspeakers had to be environmentally friendly. Genelec’s 4030C in RAW finish were the perfect solution to this problem. The company is already concerned with reducing their carbon footprint in their manufacturing and distribution processes. On top of this, the RAW models require no painting and less finishing material, which is far kinder to the environment.

It was also important that they visually blend with the atmosphere of the establishment. The Genelec 4030s were chosen for their visual discretion. Their subtle yet classy design and flexible mounting options suits the aesthetic of the restaurant.

Finally, Covid-19 presented a considerable challenge. The hospitality industry was hit especially hard by the pandemic, which meant that the budget had to be reworked mid project. With this in mind, the audio solution had to keep costs to a minimum whilst still meeting all of the initial requirements. Both the integrator and client were happy with the compromise provided by the 4000 series.