Naturkraft is a new experience centre in the Danish town of Ringkøbing, West Jutland. It aims to educate people on the ways in which nature shapes our world through interactive displays and exhibitions, encouraging more sustainable behaviour. Consequently, the audio solution had to be flexible and environmentally friendly. Genelec’s background with producing studio monitors enabled them to deliver something very special.

The primary solution consisted of a system of Genelec 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers that were positioned to recreate the audio effects of a North Sea wave. This is a multi-sensory experience, in which audio plays a large part. Sonic quality was of the utmost importance, and the 4430s provide consistency no matter how hard the system is pushed.

Smart IP technology allows the user to take audio from several sources if required. In this particular exhibit, the loudspeakers utilise a basic ambience mix across channels, plus sound effects. But the compatibility with a Dante network means that the signal can be easily re-routed if the installation changes in the future, making it a flexible solution.

One of the central challenges was emulating the sensation of being in the midst of a rushing wave in the North Sea. Creating this required the use of Genelec 4430 loudspeakers triggered by motion sensors. Providing audio that sounds accurate and detailed, even at low levels, in such a large space is not easy, but they managed to keep the fidelity consistent – from when the waves build, to when they crash.

Another problem with the audio installation was finding loudspeakers powerful enough for the exhibition without detracting from the visual spectacle. Genelec’s Smart IP enabled loudspeakers provided the solution. The single cable makes installation simple with no need for external amplifiers. Significantly, Smart IP’s unique power technology allows, even the system to be pushed to its limit, despite using a lower current PoE supply.

As well as perfectly complementing the subdued colours of the wave exhibition, the RAW finish that Genelec offer on the 4430s firmly ticks the sustainability aspect specified by the client. This optional finish requires no paint or lacquer, reducing the use of chemicals. Additionally, the loudspeakers themselves are manufactured from recycled aluminium.