This project witnessed the renovation of the Urheilumuseo, or Sports Museum of Finland, housed in the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. The brief was to provide the museum with an audio solution that would engage visitors. Sound is a crucial part of any sporting experience, which is why Genelec loudspeakers have been used for their superior audio quality to output various soundscapes based on actual moments in Finnish sporting – supplementing the visual spectacle.

The museum received a huge update in terms of video but lacked the final piece of the puzzle – sound. To remedy this Genelec loudspeakers were dispersed across all of the exhibitions to create multiple unique sound environments that complete the immersive experience for the visitor.

This effect was achieved by editing together sounds from the sport with occasional musical layers specially composed for each exhibit. In addition, these were accompanied by UX (User Experience) sounds. The sound design was realised using object-based sound design tools. Of course, this extensive sound design required loudspeakers that distinguish between the various levels, providing the immersive environment they desired. This is why the integrator chose Genelec’s Smart IP loudspeakers, which offer flexible and powerful sound while being easy to install.

A key part of the project was creating several immersive sound environments that would not interfere with each other as the visitor progresses through the museum. Delivering audio in a museum is always a challenge, in this instance it was even more difficult to attain a balance of audio. This required extreme care, tuning them in order to deliver maximum impact, but also not to affect other attractions. But the clients were especially pleased with the outcome.

One of the associated challenges with the museum’s audio design was providing powerful sound, without having looming, visually imposing loudspeakers. Genelec’s 4000 and 8000 series of loudspeakers solved this problem in more ways than one. Available in a range of colours, blending seamlessly with the aesthetic of the rooms.

Furthermore, in terms of integration, Genelec’s Smart IP speakers dramatically simplified the installation process. The innovative technology allowed the Sports Museum to use their existing CAT cabling infrastructure for both the power and audio signal, while still delivering world class audio.