The JDC-1 were a standout fixture in GLP’s design at Kaos. Typical strobe lighting effects are a set it and forget element… meaning; you get one focus position and that’s it until you climb up on a ladder or a lift and refocus them. With the GLP product, it gave the ability to offer diversity to this effect. Not only with the ability to remote control the position.. but the level of effects and the output of the fixtures is overwhelming. One thing is for sure, if the operator wants to get your attention, the JDC1 will knock you out of your shoes.

Kaos presented many challenges during the installation process. With over 100 points of motion, the installation of the automation system was very complex. There are multiple areas with rotation on various axis, as well as video and lighting integrated into the custom chandeliers. Compound curved high resolution video screens adorn the ceiling and walls. A DJ booth located in the opening between the pool and the club is motorised to move in and out of the space to support nightclub and dayclub performances. Additionally, there is an outdoor stage, water cannons, exterior rated lasers, and moving lights strategically placed around the venue to ensure that there is perfect coverage for all the customers to have a world class experience. The entire theatrical lighting system is controlled via multiple MA3 consoles networked. Video is supported by a GreenHippo system with seven 4k outputs. The entire design and install team worked diligently to produce a magnificent project.

The level of ambition is paramount for this project. Stations Casino, Rockwell Design Group, Focus Lighting, SJ Lighting, Sound Investment, NTA, SGPS, Bombard, AES and In House productions worked closely together to bring this club to life. Aggressive schedules, difficult install procedures and custom features are the standard operating procedure at Kaos. And in the end, the result was a world class venue, that everyone involved with could be proud.