Over 100 Robe LED Beam 150s were specified by world-renowned lighting designer Steve Liberman for Daer Nightclub, part of Daer Florida, an enormous 44,000 sq ft indoor-outdoor facility located at the iconic Guitar Hotel at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Robe LED beam 150s are installed on a custom system chandelier to create broad colour washes over the dancefloor. There is also a detail of LED beams around the entire perimetre of the club to support all the 2nd and 3rd tier seating areas. The result is that these fixtures elevate and enhance the stunning aesthetics of the world-class space, helping ensure that “Daer will be a vibrant entertainment destination that will attract celebrities and guests from throughout the nation and around the globe,” said Hard Rock’s Vice President of Nightlife/Daylife, Matt Minichino.

Steve furthered: “Daer nightclub presented many challenges during the installation process. We designed a custom system comprised of five large format chandelier type elements. Each section is controlled by automated hoists to create dynamic looks. Additionally, there is LED neon edge detailing all our elements all of which is pixel mapped and controlled in tandem with the rest of the lighting system. A DJ booth located in the opening between the pool and the dancefloor the is setup to support nightclub and dayclub performances. High-resolution video screens are standout features behind the DJ booth on the interior and on the exterior wall to support dayclub and outside events.”

He concluded: “The Hard Rock Hotel project has quickly become an iconic feature. With the new tower in the shape of a guitar and the laser light show that can be seen for miles, this property has raised the bar for hotel resorts in the US. For Daer nightclub, the ownership and management put together a tremendous effort to bring together an extraordinarily strong group of experienced consultants and designers and it shows. The final results of everyone’s hard work are a world-class venue that is set up to captivate audiences for years to come.