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From a world-class team in the kitchen to its Instagram-worthy bathroom mirrors, ZENN Liverpool is a spectacular venue which oozes quality in every aspect of its design. NEXO brings now a sophisticated sound to the venue, with very powerful and discreet products which don’t interfere with the aesthetics and concept of the venue.

Challenge : Achieving a proper sound coverage throughout each of the restaurant zones (3 zones) :
> Thanks to the HF dispersion of the P10 and ID24 loudspeakers and NEXO’s NS-1 configuration and simulation software, the sound coverage could be uniform, providing clear sound.

Challenge : Find a versatile / unobtrusive sound system :
> NEXO provided a compact, visually unobtrusive system that delivers a clear, full range sound with even SPL coverage throughout the restaurant, bar, and rooftop areas, creating a distinctive daytime vibe without interrupting the flow of conversation amongst diners and drinkers. And when the sun goes down and the DJs arrive, the system has the power and punch necessary to fill the dancefloor as the venue morphs seamlessly from a luxury restaurant and bar to a vibrant and sophisticated club.

Equipment used:

13x NEXO ID24-120×60 (Outside area / mezzanine / bar)
5x NEXO ID24-60×60 (Outside area / mezzanine / bar)
3x NEXO ID24-120×40 (Outside area / mezzanine / bar)
2x NEXO ID24-90×40(Outside area / mezzanine / bar)
7x NEXO P10 (dining area/DJ booth)
8x NEXO L15 (dining area)