Fortress Sydney

ProjectFortress SydneyLocationSydney, AustraliaManufacturersNEXOInstallerThe Avit Group, AustraliaSubmitted byNEXO

Leading the charge with a meticulous level of premium-tier technology throughout, Fortress Sydney’s uniquely esports-driven capabilities have placed it firmly on the map for gamers across the country and beyond.

Sponsored by high-end PC gaming titan Alienware, Fortress is by nature, a hub for the tech-savvy. The venue was looking for a premiere audio system ; faced with providing a loudspeaker solution befitting of such a technological pedigree, The Avit Group selected NEXO’s P15 point source system for the Alienware Arena.

NEXO’s reputation for delivering pristine sound quality, combined with the versatility of their P+ series, made it a clear choice in choosing the right system for this particular venue.

The Avit Group’s Operations Manager, Adrian Davis, outlines Avit’s role in realising the venue’s grand vision: “For the Fortress esports project, we were given the brief to create a dynamic, immersive, and technologically advanced AV system, which sits somewhere between an entertainment venue and a broadcast studio. The vision was to set a new benchmark for esports venues not only in Australia but across the globe. It was essential to provide seamless and high-quality audio experiences that would engage audiences, whether they were on-site or connecting digitally. Our goal was to ensure that the AV infrastructure was flexible and robust enough to accommodate a variety of events and broadcasts without compromising on quality or user experience.”