The Villages – Sawgrass Market

ProjectThe Villages - Sawgrass MarketLocationFlorida, USAInstallerLMG LLC Entertainment Technology Partners, USASubmitted byK-array USA

The Villages in Florida provide Retail and Leisure services to thousands of visitors from around the world and covers all five senses.

This is one of the only places where patrons can go to experience outdoor sound in an immersive environment without the distraction of other guests or road sound.

The K-ecosystem was created in The Villages to create whole audio throughout more than one location. With this system, SPL is able to be maintained throughout areas that need it while keeping reverberance away.

The equipment installed within the venue includes four Kayman-KY102, two Kobra-KK52, two KMT218P or KMT21P, two KA84, and one KA14

This outdoor space required much detail as K-array had to make sure the client would get the exact experience desired while competing with weather elements, sometimes featuring Florida’s famous heavy rain downfalls.

This meant doing research on IP ratings, and appropriate accessories. It also took a skilled mind at LMG to complete this design with integrity to cause no failure.