The Brotherhood Nantucket

ProjectThe Brotherhood NantucketLocationNantucket, USAInstallerElite AVSubmitted byK-array USA

This project takes what it means to dine to another level. Within Brotherhood, customers will find family and friends gathering around this uniquely decorated restaurant without even knowing about the speakers because they blend so seamlessly.

Customers are not distracted by reverberation or SPL because the K-array experience is all about invisible luxury and this is a crucial point to that dedication.

The K-array audio equipment installed within the venue includes KK52, KA34, KU26, KU210, KZ14, KV52, and KV25.

Crucially, a prime objective was creating the right aesthetic – making sure that the speakers fitted in well and suited the environment, making them disappear into the room and feel a part of the room so customers don’t even notice that they’re there.

A very specific brief for a highly flexible, high-quality audio system with a minimal visual presence throughout the restaurant.

Finding suitable loudspeaker locations required extensive research, but Elite AV was able to predict accurate audio coverage of all areas with a specification as live music is such a prominent and integral feature of the restaurant experience, a high degree of functionality and interactivity was also necessary to allow sound techs to take full control of the system.