Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

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The Super Bowl’s dazzling stage design, paired with an electrifying performance by Usher, delivered an unforgettable visual spectacle to audiences. The stadium was bathed in a strong futuristic vision, with the main visual elements featuring vibrant tech blues and bright reds, making the stage appear incredibly vivid. The entire stage was designed in the shape of a “flat plane,” consisting of a central circular main stage, two sub-stages, an irregular circular stage, and LED runways that to create a captivating and visually stunning performance.

What were the main challenges during the installation and how did you overcome them? *
The intricate layout of the LED displays required precise engineering and customization to ensure seamless integration with the stage design. Furthermore, the short delivery time posed a significant challenge. However, our professional team rose to the occasion and made it happen within the tight timeline. Leveraging our expertise in LED display technology and production capabilities, we meticulously engineered and customized the LED displays to match the unique stage design.

For the creative stage design, the MG7S series combined with MG creative-extended series to craft the “plane” stage and bring the colourful stage to life. The MG7S Series, known for multi-functions & multi-shapes with its superior load-bearing capacity, played a crucial role in supporting the performance safely and securely. Despite the challenges, our team’s dedication, expertise, and innovative solutions ensured the successful installation and operation of the LED displays, contributing to the overall visual spectacle of the event.

YES TECH’s collaboration with Fuse Technical Group created the visually stunning main stage with three circles, configured to resemble a plane with MG7S and MG15. This innovative design provided an unparalleled visual experience, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance.

The MG7S Series’s versatility allowed for various shapes and configurations, catering to diverse needs and adding infinite value to the stage design. Together with the MG Creative-Extended Series, YES TECH’s visual solutions facilitated the realization of creative concepts, including letters, numbers, and dynamic shapes, enhancing the overall artistic presentation.

The MG7S Series’s proven superior load-bearing capacity demonstrated through previous international events like the 19th Asian Games and the U2 show in MSG Sphere, ensured a safe and stable platform for Usher’s dynamic performance. This capability was crucial, especially during show-stopping moments like Usher gliding across the stage on roller skates, demanding high strength and load-bearing capacity.

More than 1 billion viewers worldwide tuned in to the Super Bowl halftime show this year and it was the most anticipated one in years. YES TECH has once again won the praise of customers with its high-quality products and professional services, and has demonstrated our commitment to innovate and develop.