Strike 10

ProjectStrike 10LocationBoca Raton, FloridaManufacturersChauvet ProfessionalArchitectJay KrauseLighting DesignerSound and Light SolutionsInstallerSound and Light SolutionsAcousticianSound and Light SolutionsSubmitted byChauvet Professional

Strike 10 is a high-tech, one-of-a-kind, bowling and bar experience in the downtown centre of Palm Beach, Boca Raton Mizner Park.

This project is a one-off ultra high technology that has never been completed before in a family entertainment facility within the world of bowling.

The main challenge was getting the lights in the lanes to line up perfectly with the lanes themselves. The team had to laser mark the floor and work with AMF to make sure that everything was perfectly in place and in a straight line BEFORE the flooring was put in because you cannot run scaffolds and ladders on top of wood lanes. 

Another challenge was putting everything under one control system which ended up being Madrix.  But about 100 Category cables run through the ceilings there, the DJ booth looks like an airline cockpit.

The technology of the pixelated lighting is incorporated in custom wood panels that are hung in the bar area which give it a feeling like it is moving and alive.  The architect who drew up the original renderings was literally in shock when it was completed that we were able to bring the vision to life.