ProjectFlyoverLocationLas Vegas & Chicago, USAManufacturersInnosonixSubmitted byInnosonix

The main challenge was to provide an immersive experience, to really make people feel like they were flying over the Vegas strip.

In order to fully immerse the audience our in-seat components would need a built in audio solution that could achieve this desired result.

The main thing we were looking for in amplification to power the in-seat component of our immersive sound system was a high-density, multi-channel, low power amplifier with Dante input. There are plenty of sub-100 watt amplifiers out there, but very few with more than four or eight channels.

For us it was as much about the simplicity of only needing one device for each ride vehicle, thereby avoiding additional signal and power distribution, and also being easily rack mountable. Innosonix D2 and LP2 series ticked all the boxes, high channel count, lots of useful DSP in a 1U or 2U package.

In combination with a large number of JBL Control 23 speakers located behind the seats in each of the ride vehicles, we were able to provide a near field accompaniment to the big screen visuals.

This project is exactly what the MONDO-DR Awards is about, taking a technical challenge and finding unique and innovative ways to get past those challenges.

The goal of the Fly Over project was to create an experience for the visitors that gave them a unique perspective of some of americas most iconic skylines. An experience that up until this point has yet to be offered anywhere else in the world.

To met these numerous technical challenges head on we have searched out and embraced the cutting edge in both audio and visual fields to make our goals a reality.

As a result we have created a popular must see attraction that provides visitors a high flying exhilarating immersive experience like no other.