LIV (Audio)

ProjectLIV ClubLocationLas Vegas, USAManufacturersFunktion-OneArchitectDavid Rockwell / Rockwell GroupInstallerSound Investment AVSubmitted byFunktion-One

LIV nightclub is one of the most iconic nightclubs of the modern day and has led the way for major DJs and live performances in Miami since 2008. Bringing that energy to Las Vegas demanded a unique sound system, which Sound Investment AV (SIA) delivered using Funktion-One loudspeakers.

SIA selected Funktion-One speakers for this application because of their unique ability to meet these requirements. Using various models of Funktion-One speakers, SIA delivered powerful main floor systems perfectly comfortable supporting live sound as well as EDM DJs, as well as proper coverage of all perimeter areas using Funktion-One’s compact form factor models.

The main floor sound system utilises Funktion-One’s new flagship vertical column array speakers, Vero VX90. The VX90 combines the high-fidelity that Funktion-One is known for with the advantages of a line source. The nightclub low frequencies are reproduced using a unique two-way array that uses the F221 and the BR132 models. The F221 is a horn-loaded, dual 21” driver cabinet that covers the conventional lower frequency ranges with speed and accuracy and the BR132 is a true subwoofer that handles the ultra-low frequencies contained in today’s EDM tracks with a 20kW on-board amplifier driving a proprietary carbon fiber piston. The Day Club, uses the Funktion-One F124 subwoofer, which features four voice coils on a single 24” driver to deliver harmonically accurate and powerful frequencies in an efficient package.

System amplification is provided by Full Fat Audio amplifiers and system processing is via NST Audio DSP. The front end of the system is the Allen & Heath D-Live System and interconnection is over Dante networked audio.

The Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas is the premier property on the strip and the Groot Hospitality properties within the resort demand nothing short of the highest possible performance from their sound systems. Sound Investments Audio (SIA) was selected by Groot Entertainment to provide audio system design services for their venues, specifically, LIV Nightclub and Day Club in the Fontainebleau. SIA specializes in the design of high-performance sound system that blend seamlessly with sophisticated interior designs.

LIV Nightclub and Day Club have a variety of sophisticated spaces throughout the venues, all of which required the ability to deliver high-fidelity sound with intensity, while not interrupting the visual design clues of the interior of the club. The amount of speaker power required to properly support the world-class DJs performing at LIV required a line of speakers relatively compact in size, highly efficient and high fidelity.

Beyond the high performance of systems in LIV Nightclub and Day Club, the collection of five Groot venues in the Fontainebleau are a tour de force of networking and remote access that offer the operators a high level of flexibility and reliability. Each of the five venues has a unique usage pattern, many of which amount to live performances.

SIA realised early on in the design process that one of the main challenges in designing these systems was how to provide the functionality required in the most usable manner. To this end, some of the venues utilize Q-Sys as the front end with associated wall-mounted control panels around the venues, and some of the venues use the Allen & Heath D-Live mix systems. D-Live allows the operator to carry around a control surface and remotely control a FOH console from anywhere in the venue.

The systems at the Fontainebleau also have the ability to be added to and altered as new needs come up, without expensive cabling or infrastructure work.