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d&b SustainSymphony is a cloud-based sustainability management software service developed by d&b group for the global live events industry. SustainSymphony aims to transform the approach to sustainability in events by providing an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that is accessible to event organizers, venues and suppliers of all sizes. Our free version is available for all users to get started. With its comprehensive possibilities, the integration of supplier information, sustainability certificates and practical checklists, SustainSymphony enables event organizers to demonstrate verifiable emissions reductions, energy savings, efficient resource management and also provides information on compliance with social standards.

d&b SustainSymphony is a sustainability management software service tailored to the dynamic needs of the live events industry. Unlike existing sustainability software solutions, SustainSymphony takes a bottom-up approach, empowering event organisers to initiate projects and collaboratively define their own sustainability goals. The platform allows users to seamlessly monitor, measure and manage their events’ missions.

At the heart of SustainSymphony is its comprehensive database, which also acts as an event checklist where suppliers and service providers can present their sustainable offerings for easy access by other users. Users can enter their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) data for their events, services and venues, enabling them to calculate and improve sustainability measures for future events. In addition, SustainSymphony allows users to add their sustainability certificates, such as ISO14001, and to create their own sustainability reports based on the information provided.

Venues can automatically generate their sustainability KPIs, including ISO14001 certifications, which are available to event organizers upon request. This saves significant time and effort when collecting data.

The software service offers impact tracking, data-driven insights, transparent reporting, streamlined event planning, compliance guidance and verification support. The sustainability report delivers a solid basis for greenwashing-free audience communication. By complying with environmental regulations, setting and achieving sustainability goals and realising cost savings, event organisers can make a positive impact while enhancing their events’ brand image and attracting new sponsors.

SustainSymphony represents a significant step forward in the live events industry’s journey towards sustainability. By providing a free, accessible sustainability management cloud platform, d&b group aims to inspire and encourage global event organisers to prioritise sustainability. With SustainSymphony, users can make informed decisions to reduce the environmental impact of their event, from minimising waste to optimising energy consumption.

By adopting science-based standards and following global sustainability management approaches, SustainSymphony helps event organisers to stay ahead of compliance regulations and gain recognition for their green initiatives.

SustainSymphony collects and manages the following KPIs in key data categories: Event Data, Event Type, Stakeholder Management, Travel & Transport, Energy, Production & Waste, Water, Food & Beverage, Suppliers & Products, Accessibility & Finance, Awards & Certifications, Communications.
Version 1.0 offers a German and English user interface.

SustainSymphony empowers the entire live events industry to make a positive environmental impact, address sustainability issues and lead the way in green innovation. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive features and commitment to accessibility, SustainSymphony sets a new global standard for sustainable event management.

The vast majority of event organizers have often been reluctant to tackle the topic of developing a sustainability strategy and roadmap. We often hear that it is too time-consuming, overly complicated, and unreliable.

On the other hand, many countries have increasingly stringent sustainability reporting requirements and strict regulations for legally flawless sustainability communication. When financing events, local communities and sponsors are increasingly requesting a sustainability concept. It becomes abundantly clear that ESG reporting standards cannot be applied by small organizers. All of these challenges were considered during the development of the d&b SustainSymphony concept.

d&b paid particular attention to a user interface and navigation structure that mirrors the terminology and workflows of the event industry, ensuring it’s purpose-built for this specific use. Their deliberately omits processes related to ISO management systems, reporting standards, and calculation methods. Throughout the development phase, d&b collaborated closely with Green Event Consultants, exchanging ideas regularly. With version 1.0, d&b aims to inspire organizers and managers to take action, supporting them with structured processes. d&b’s goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable transformation of the event industry.

Sustainability reports can be compared, enabling a GAP analysis to show improvements or deteriorations in the collected data.

As part of the event’s sustainability report, SustainSymphony offers a simple and easy evaluation function. If the results in the report are particularly good, the corresponding data is marked with a green thumb. You can receive up to a maximum of 20 green thumbs in a sustainability report. This makes it easier for the user to see when something has been successfully implemented.