Ebdaa Innovation Hub

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At AVI-SPL, we’re passionate about thinking beyond the boundaries of collaboration and engagement. That’s why we were honored to partner with the Emirates Group to make creativity the center of the technology design at their aptly named Ebdaa (Arabic for “creativity”) Innovation Hub in Dubai, UAE. By aligning with the Emirates Group’s vision for memorable experiences and tailored solutions, we crafted a groundbreaking collaborative space designed to not only excite and inspire, but also equip teams with the tools they need to transform creative ideas into groundbreaking realities.
This state-of-the-art hub combines a visually extended reality stage that incorporates advanced technologies such as camera tracking, real-time 3D environment rendering, and broadcast capabilities. The result? A space where presenters can connect and immerse global audiences in simulated worlds – from awe-inspiring destinations to meticulously crafted training environments. This powerful combination is anchored by the UAE region’s first-ever corporate XR theater.

To achieve the client’s goal of minimizing barriers to engagement, we carefully selected and installed a Renkus-Heinz audio system to provide a full range audio reinforcement design. This system, comprised of a pair of Renkus-Heinz CX121 loudspeakers, a Powersoft Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+D amplifier, and a Renkus-Heinz CA-112S-A subwoofer, delivers unmatched fidelity. Multiple channels of wireless microphones provide voice capture to presenters, while QSYS audio processing ensures that the XR stage can support clear audio from remote participants within the XR virtual environment broadcasts and recordings.

Crystal clear communication: Clear and undistorted audio ensures effective collaboration and knowledge sharing within the XR space.

Well-planned lighting is more than just an aesthetic consideration in XR theaters – it’s a crucial element for creating realistic, immersive, and emotionally engaging experiences that empower creativity and collaboration. In the limited space of the Ebdaa Innovation Hub’s XR theater, we took special care to optimize the lighting for maximum impact. The immersive environment features a powerful combination of 8x LUPO Superpanel Dual Color 30 and 6x Martin Mac Auro XB fixtures.
The LUPO Superpanel fixtures provide exceptional versatility for XR applications and allow for the reproduction of varying color temperatures. This is ideal for replicating natural environments or cityscapes within the XR space. The Martin Mac fixtures add another layer of depth and color. These powerful moving lights boast exceptional brightness and a tight zoom, allowing for pinpointed illumination of specific areas within the XR environment. This capability is crucial for highlighting presenters, objects, or specific effects within the virtual world.

• Enhanced audience engagement: Dynamic and immersive lighting environments contribute to a more believable XR experience, leading to increased audience engagement and a stronger emotional connection to the content.
• Expanded XR applications: The versatility of the lighting system allows for exploration of a wider range of XR applications.
• Elevated production value: The precise control and power of the fixtures enable creation of professional-grade XR productions, further solidifying the impact and credibility of the presented content.

AVI-SPL is proud to showcase the innovative use of Absen’s HC 1.2 ii series LED displays within the XR stage. These high-resolution displays play a crucial role in creating a seamless and immersive XR environment. With Absen providing both a quality fine pixel pitch dvLED backdrop, as well as a rugged and visually appealing dvLED flooring solution, AVI-SPL was able to provide Emirates with a best-in-class visual system.
Additional LCD displays were using throughout the space to provide comfort monitors to presenters and auxiliary displays at stage sides for reference views of remote participants that are being viewed withing the XR virtual environment.

The Absen displays deliver stunning visuals that seamlessly blend with the XR experience thanks to:
• Exceptional clarity and high contrast ratio: Ensure optimal calibration and configuration, resulting in visuals indistinguishable from reality.
• Modular design: This allows for customized configurations that perfectly fit the unique dimensions of the XR stage, ensuring visuals seamlessly wrap around the environment.
• High refresh rate: Minimizes motion blur, creating a smooth and realistic experience for XR users.
• Increased user engagement: High-resolution visuals contribute to a more immersive and believable XR experience, leading to increased user engagement and a stronger emotional connection to the content.
• Expanded XR applications: The exceptional clarity allows for exploration of a wider range of XR applications.
• Enhanced communication and collaboration: The high-fidelity visuals facilitate clear and effective communication between presenters and virtual environments.

We take XR experiences to the next level with a powerful real-time rendering system comprised of a Disguise VX2 media server and RXII render servers running Unreal Engine for XR mode. This system empowers the creation of dynamic and immersive special effects.
The Disguise VX2 media server acts as the brain of the XR system, managing and delivering high-resolution content, real-time graphics, and flawlessly synchronized special effects. Imagine a virtual world where a spaceship blasts off amidst a flurry of flames and smoke, or a historical reenactment featuring realistic weather effects. The Disguise VX2, combined with the power of Unreal Engine for XR mode, brings these scenarios to life.
The two RXII render servers provide unparalleled processing power for real-time rendering within the XR environment. This ensures that complex special effects and 3D graphics are rendered with exceptional fidelity and low latency, creating a smooth and immersive experience for XR users.

• Heightened audience engagement: Dynamic and immersive special effects capture audience attention and create a more believable XR experience, leading to increased engagement and a stronger emotional connection to the content.
• Expanded creative possibilities: The real-time rendering capabilities empower XR creators to develop new and innovative experiences, pushing the boundaries of XR storytelling.
• Enhanced learning and training: Realistic simulations and special effects within the XR environment can be used for more effective training and educational applications.

We understand the power of sharing the XR experience beyond the physical stage. That’s why we designed and integrated a comprehensive broadcast, recording, and collaboration solution within the Emirates Group’s XR theater. This solution empowers the capture and distribution of XR experiences, fostering wider audience engagement and participation, regardless of location.
A strategically integrated TriCaster Mini acts as the central hub for broadcast and recording duties. This versatile tool allows for professional-grade capture of the XR environment, including high-resolution visuals, pristine audio, and dynamic special effects.
To ensure seamless remote collaboration within the XR theater, we incorporated dedicated Microsoft Teams and Zoom PCs. These industry-standard platforms allow presenters and audience members to connect with the XR stage in real-time, fostering collaboration and engagement regardless of physical location. Imagine a global audience participating in a live Q&A session within the XR environment or remote specialists joining a virtual product design workshop. The dedicated Teams and Zoom PCs, integrated by AVI-SPL, make these scenarios possible.

• Extended audience reach: XR experiences can be broadcast to wider audiences, maximizing engagement and knowledge sharing opportunities.
• Enhanced collaboration: Remote participants can seamlessly interact with the XR stage, fostering collaboration and participation regardless of location.
• Content repurposing: Recorded XR content can be repurposed for future training, educational, or marketing purposes.

At AVI-SPL, we embrace challenges as opportunities to innovate and deliver exceptional results. The Emirates Group’s XR theater project presented two unique hurdles: the complexity of XR technology, and the pioneering nature of being the first corporate XR stage in the region.
The complexity of XR Technology
XR technology pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. But the leading-edge nature of the technology can also present significant challenges. To navigate the complexities of XR and ensure a smooth user experience, we relied on two key strategies:
• Collaboration is key: We worked closely with our technology partners and vendors, leveraging the collective expertise of the XR ecosystem so every component would work seamlessly together.
• Rigorous testing: Just like with the physical build, we prioritized testing for the complex XR technology. Regular troubleshooting sessions identified and resolved potential issues before they impacted users, guaranteeing a smooth and immersive XR experience.

Pioneering a first:
The very first corporate XR stage in the region? There wasn’t a blueprint to follow, and for the Emirates Group, there was no room for error. To ensure a perfect outcome, we assembled a team of XR veterans, leveraging the knowledge of both local and international industry leaders. This ensured we incorporated best practices from around the world, creating a stage unlike any other.

We don’t just build stages, we shape the future.
This award submission isn’t just about a stage; it’s about thinking beyond, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future of connection and communication. It’s also about translating a client’s vision into a groundbreaking reality. We believe our approach to the first-ever corporate XR theater in the Dubai region sets us apart, and here’s why:
We go beyond simply installing equipment. We work in partnership with clients to understand their vision and translate it into a truly transformative experience. This collaborative spirit ensured the XR theater aligns perfectly with the Emirates Group’s specific goals, fostering engagement, communication, and a powerful learning environment.

This is the foundation for a successful project – but it’s only the beginning. Our team is passionate about XR – and they’re technical wizards. We possess in-depth knowledge of complex XR technology, from intricate audio systems to next-gen display solutions. This expertise translates into seamless integration and an XR theater that performs perfectly from day one.
By creating the first corporate XR theater in the Dubai region, we’re not just building a stage; we’re building a future where XR empowers businesses. This groundbreaking project positions us as thought leaders, and our success inspires others to embrace the transformative potential of XR technology.