Duck & Waffle

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The Duck & Waffle’s newest restaurant in Edinburgh is the result of a meticulously engineered AV and IT technology package that is sympathetic with the company’s brand identity renowned for its signature dishes and unique locations. In keeping with founder Shimon Bokovza’s vision for a warm and buzzy dining experience with epic views, the brief for the brand’s latest venture called for discreet but impactful audio throughout all the dining spaces and highly arresting video content, together with networking and IT infrastructure designed to provide a rewarding and immersive experience for patrons and an intuitive interface for staff.

KNEKTD delivered high quality audio in the shape of Sonance pendant speakers positioned precisely where needed and blending in imperceptibly with lighting fixtures over dining tables, and concealed ceiling speakers in the more intimate areas. Subwoofers are hidden within banquette seating to deliver solid low frequency energy without being seen. Yamaha amplifiers supply power for all the speaker systems, and a Yamaha audio matrix manages all the signal inputs and audio distribution.

KNEKTD delivered networking facilities within an overall IT infrastructure that enables staff to manage the audio and video systems through a user-friendly Crestron interface, providing volume adjustment, playlist management and content scheduling – all of which can be automated if desired.

KNEKTD delivered an immersive video experience displayed onto large floor-to-ceiling 360° LED video walls encircling the two structural columns in the main dining area, which would otherwise have been an unsightly distraction. Content can also be sent from a DJ facility using Resolume software with an extensive range of effects that allows the DJ to seamlessly mix videos, images, and graphics. A large Samsung TV blends in within custom artwork to allow diners to show presentations, videos and or photos for special personal events.

A critical component of the all-round experience are the unique floor-to-ceiling 360° circular LED video columns that dominate the main dining space and can display any kind of content in ultra-high resolution. These cylindrical screens can also receive content from a DJ booth using Resolume software, allowing the DJ to seamlessly mix videos, images and graphics on to these one-of-a-kind dynamic visual canvasses.

What were the main challenges during the installation and how did you overcome them? *
There is a hotel located in the same building immediately above the restaurant, and so KNEKTD had to recognise the impact that the transmission of low frequency sounds would have on the well being of the neighbouring hotel guests. To overcome this significant acoustic challenge all loudspeakers are either pendant types suspended from the ceiling grid and therefore not physically connected to the structure, or mounted on custom acoustically damped fixings to prevent any possibility of unwanted acoustic transmission.

This project is a prime example of how a client’s vision was accurately interpreted and realised to his ultimate satisfaction. London-based lifestyle technology provider KNEKTD designed, installed and commissioned an integrated AV / IT package that complements the Duck & Waffle founder’s idea of showcasing outstanding locations and epic views by combining sound, visuals and atmosphere into the dining experience. All the technology fades completely into the background while providing faultless performance.

KNEKTD has shown innovation and enterprise in the interpretation and realisation of Duck & Waffle founder Shimon Bokovza’s vision of a new restaurant venture set in an iconic Scottish location that has brought the expansiveness of an outdoor setting into an indoor dining space, with clever use of unique floor-to-ceiling cylindrical LED video screens and discreet yet powerful audio systems throughout the restaurant, forming a fully integrated sonic and visual package that enhances the dining experience.