ProjectINKLocationCharleston, SC, USAManufacturersMEGA-LITEDistributorInnovative Event Services (IES)Lighting DesignerThomas Smith, IES, USAInstallerInnovative Event Services (IES)Submitted byMEGA-LITE

We utilized 280 feet of Mega-Lite’s DECO Flex Lights to completely transform INK Charleston’s previous space into the exciting cocktail lounge it is today! These DECO Flex Lights create such a lively atmosphere and feature red, green, blue, and warm white capabilities that allow the user to create his or her own color combinations. We installed these LED Flex Lights under the bar, under the seating, and behind the picture frames at INK Charleston. If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind lighting design to incorporate into your venue, then downlight pendant lights are the perfect option! We installed five of Mega-Lite’s DECO Pendant Q20 Lights above the bar at INK Charleston, and these pendants added a fun splash of color onto INK’s feather chandeliers – perfectly accentuating the cocktail lounge’s vibrant ambiance. These DECO Pendant Q20 Lights offer red, green, and blue color mixing – giving you the opportunity to create bold, rich, and saturated color combinations. Another product we used in INK Charleston’s transformation was recessed lights! We installed five of Mega-Lite’s DECO Recessed Q20 Lights near the bathroom at INK Charleston to create a fun, exuberant walking path for their customers. These DECO Recessed Q20 Lights are designed with versatility and allow you to create a color mixing of red, green, blue, and warm white.

Updating any building in a historic district can be quite a challenge. You have many aspects that have to be considered, such as preserving and enhancing the historical value and charm of the space, creating a pleasing and acceptable curb appeal, utilizing legacy equipment while creating a modern look and of course staying within budget. Being in the heart of historic Downtown Charleston, one of the daily challenges was simply finding parking. There is no adjacent parking lot and all spaces are metered, which meant 1st come 1st serve and having to feed the meter every 2 hours.

The thing that stands out about this project is its simplicity. By utilizing just a few extremely affordable LED products, we were able to create an amazing array of highlights and colors that transform the space from a dark, old building into one of the most energizing lounges in the southeast.