Grand Parkway Baptist Church

ProjectGrand Parkway Baptist ChurchLocationRichmond, TXManufacturersMEGA-LITEDistributorMEGA-LITEArchitectBGW Architects USofALighting DesignerJeff Mathis/ Callum Gifford USofAInstallerPerformance Technology Group, LLC, USofASubmitted byMEGA-LITE

To further enhance the rear wall curtains behind the video wall display, several MEGA-LITE Baby Color H84 were put in place and used as uplighting. With the hopes to provide easy control of the church’s new lighting fixtures, the team also included a MEGA-LITE MEGA Console with the Enlighten Software. This software will allow the users to have easy control of their new fixtures.

One video wall system was built and mounted on a high curved 60 foot platform made up of MEGA VIEW Falcon 3 panels.The Falcon Panel 3 is a convenient, easy to install, rugged indoor LED panel with a 3.9mm pitch, which can correlate with the resolution and optimal viewing distance of several applications. This particular panel is the best choice for mid to large rooms such as this church and can even be used to enhance ministries. The team knew this particular panel was the best choice to be placed as the central feature of the church. The goal was to be able to use the system as one large image or three separate images, with the help of the MEGA VIEW MV Eight processor.

One of the challenges was getting enough visual lighting with minimal products with the provided budget. The Challenge was overcome by choosing economical MEGA for certain products.

We have been working with Houses of Worship for many years. Many of them come to us with the hopes of making their vision come to life and deliver a place where they can come together and worship. Having used MEGA product in various installations across the country, end users have always been pleased with what has been provided for the facilities and this project was no different. The experience with the MEGA team has always been great with minimal issues. The way we were able to transform this House of Worship and still keeping their budget is something not many installers can accomplish, and it turned out AMAZING.