ProjectPachaLocationIbizaManufacturersTaylorleds (China), Clay Paky (Italy), D&B (Germany), Madrix (Germany), Lucid Creates (UK), Walberg (Denmark), Stage Ninja (USA)DistributorFluge (Spain), Audiotek (Ireland)ArchitectTibor Martin, Pacha, SpainLighting DesignerAudiotek (Ireland), Tony Prats, Pacha Technical Director and Lighting DesignerInstallerFluge (Spain), Audiotek (Ireland)AcousticianD&B Spain

Audio is the focus of a Nightclub, and the D&B V Series system takes centre place, in the perfect position as per the D&B ArrayCalc prediction software, the Video and Movement system was designed with this sound system, to complement it rather than fight over space.
The sound system allows massive levels on the dancefloor while being controllable throughout the space with the directivity offered by the system. 
As the event in effect takes place “in the round” with the DJ booth central to the room, with a big dancefloor to the front, and expansive VIP areas behind, the system must cover 360* from the DJ booth, and achieves this with multiple outhangs to the main system, as well as rear firing arrays, and delay speakers around the venue.

Lighting is the base, which allows us to layer up the effects within the club. As well, as being the main feature of all of the classic looks which the club is known for. The high power LED strip within the moving rig allows the lighting operator to blend the centre piece with a vast array of different moving head features, and static wall lights to create different looks.
The clay paky moving heads are arranged around the centre piece, with a sharpys, 400 series beams and washes, and bee-eye fixtures to chose from. These lights can create both soft entry moods, as well as flash moving beams and strobes effects as the night goes on.

The TaylorLED hexagonal LED shapes are custom produced from small triangle shaped 3.9mm LED tiles in a custom aluminium frame surrounded by High Power LED strip.
The hexagons are mapped as one giant, moveable canvas so that content can play with movement and positioning throughout the night. Moving video panels in blackout allows content to jump out from unexpected angles, as well as being able to lower the screen behind the DJ to create on big canvas at a perfect viewing angle.
The rear wall of the club is also projection mapped using existing projectors re-used in a new location, and is driven from the same video servers allowing video to be moved around the venue to create different looks.

Additional truss was installed by Fluge of Barcelona into the venue to allow the 156 Walberg motors to be rigged with exact position. 
These motors were supplied by Fluge, and were a result of research undertaken with Walberg to produce a motor capable of keeping constant tension, and exact positioning. The Winch25 motors are DMX controlled with a separate emergency system, and allow the panels to be lowered into any position, with stops safely programmed into the system to keep the rig well out of reach above the crowd. The positioning is quickly recalled, and the transitions between looks speed controlled to allow different effects. This movement is the real feature of the club, and is essential to the artistic vison.

What were the main challenges during the installation and how did you overcome them? *

The main challenge was to design a concept that encapsulated the Pacha brand, while being aware of the history, grandeur of the venue, and the passion people have for the space. A risk was that we could design something which offended people who have held the venue in their hearts for over 40 years. Pacha holds a special place on the island of Ibiza, and everyone has a story or an opinion on the club redevelopment.
The project involved Audiotek working closely with the inhouse Pacha architectural and design team, with no prior preconceptions.

Knowing that movement and video were the current forefront of technology, we wanted to use this to provide a WOW to anyone who came in whilst being sympathetic to venue.

The mixture of both high brightness LED strip, and hi-resolution video in one panel allows us to use the rig in different ways, on different nights, to fit the style of the event. The rig can capture a moment and transport the energy of the dancefloor to another level, and to another level of technology.
It must be noted that COVID was a challenge to the project, with the manufacture of the panels taking place in complete isolation. The team worked in a bubble to overcome this. Covid also delayed the launch of the project.
The project involved several different teams, from design and manufacture in the UK, to motors supplied by Walberg in Denmark, to the local riggers, installers and motor suppliers Fluge in Barcelona. Detailed co-ordination meetings took place to ensure the project ran smoothly.
Technically, we were challenged with how to get so much data to a moving panel. Stage Ninja of Indianapolis stepped in, with their constant tension cable reels. Having supplied Nasa, Nascar, and many stage shows, they custom manufactured reels to our exact specifications.
The final co-ordination needed was with the Audio team of the venue, working with Fluge and D&B. The video rig drops in neatly around the main PA arrays, allowing the Audio to be in the perfect position, without compromising the WOW factor of the moving rig.

Why should this project win? *
This project encapsulates the latest in Nightclub design, taking these essentials to the extreme in one of the most prestigious venues on earth.
This project will set the standard on the island of Ibiza for the forthcoming seasons.
Although the design, and concept was started pre-covid. The importance of this investment into the Nightlife industry as a bounce back out of covid cannot be understated. The draw of wanting to see the refurbishment in Pacha is going to drive people to the island, as well as pushing the standards of the next phase of investment by other venues over coming years.
The project has been a real team effort, by an international team leaning on local expertise, and has pushed many of this team to innovate.
From new reeling mechanisms, and sensor programming experiments at Walberg Motors, to new LED shapes and mapping techniques from TaylorLEDs to allow the hexagon shapes, to new cable and connector research at Stage Ninja to enable the cable reels, this project has driven innovation in the industry along with the design concepts needed to back this up.
The design was created from many influences in engineering and nature, while allowing maximum flexibility. This flexibility is what will allow the project to endure in design for years to come.
This project also combines all elements of LED, LED video, Projection, Rigging, Lighting and Audio. All of which are co-ordinated to produce a coherent show throughout the night. This total integration shows off the best of the entertainment industry and the skills and products that are available in our industry.