The audio system inside the stadium had to comply with FIFA, CONMEBOL and AFA safety standards and regulations. As a PA systems manufacturer, Equaphon Sistemas de Sonido was in a position to fine-tune the proposed loudspeaker arrays with EaseFocus prediction software to achieve optimum levels and coverage at the design stage, implementing the settings on each Powersoft amplifier through its dedicated Armonia Plus software.

According to regulations, the PA system must be zoned for proper announcements and emergency routing on different scenarios. This was easily accomplished with an audio Dante network supported natively in every installed amplifier and matrix. More than 10 independent zones were implemented with the possibility of receiving any message independently or by grouping two or more zones.

All operations are simple and straightforward. By employing Xillica touch panels with customised screens at each paging station, these requirements were met with ease.

Taking into account that the 270Kg (600lb) arrays would be suspended at a height of 36-metres (120ft), it was of fundamental importance that all the elements would be elevated in such a way as not to need further adjustments. Every single degree of variation would impact significantly on the final performance. With this objective in mind, all the necessary field tests were carried out previously. Since flying complex elements by means of movable points of attachment is highly dependent on their centre of mass, by recreating the final scenario in a test environment, all slings dimensions were defined. Once the arrays were raised on their bumpers and fixed to the stadium structure, the error of measured angles never exceeded 1°.

Everything was planned and considered in detail. What was not part of the plan was the global pandemic. Equaphon management was faced with reducing the number of staff on site to zero, to cancel all trips, and to work with local installers.
It quickly realised that, thanks to the chosen technology, it was able to work on all signal routing, programming and testing, remotely from its headquarters, which is 1,000km (600mi) away. We sent a small team to the site for a few days to finish the installation, adjustment and measurement tasks and did almost everything else remotely.

This was a great project not only because of the scientific approach of its implementation and the technologies its products offer.

This opportunity taught Equaphon how, by rethinking procedures in a new way, it still could achieve a successful outcome. A new way, with its many advantages, that can be replicated in future work.