Based in the heart of downtown Miami, E11EVEN is a unique, immersive venue that is totally befitting of the term ‘superclub’. Boasting 20,000 sq ft of high-end social entertainment, the space is part lounge, part show experience, complete with four 24-hour, full service bars, making E11EVEN a sought-after club for both public and private events, having hosted the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, P Diddy, Diplo, Zedd, Ludacris, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Halsey, Dada Life, Future, Carnage, Dash Berlin, A-Trak, Markus Schulz and more.

Offering luxury, sophistication and a truly one-of-a-kind experience, the venue has picked up numerous awards, including the Best New Concept award, as well as landing on the Top 10 Nightclubs in America, awarded by Nightclub & Bar. It’s clear that the $40 million landmark destination, which seamlessly operates as a nightclub and after-hours experience, has put itself firmly on the map as a must-visit club.

A huge part of the award-winning experience at E11EVEN is down to attention to detail when it comes to state-of-the-art technology. This was clear to see from the club’s first contact with John Fiorito, Nightlife & Hospitality Design / Installation Specialist at E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio, who designed the new audio system at the venue.

“In 2016, the owner and creator of E11EVEN, Dennis DeGori, wasn’t happy with the prior installation company and I had just been offered the East Coast Manager position with Sound Investment Audio. Michael Meacham, the owner of idesign, has known me since 1992 and informed the owners of E11EVEN that Sound Investment hired a great audio technician who he would vouch for. Michael made the introduction to the partners of E11EVEN and I was given a trial period to rebuild their trust in Sound Investment Audio,” John explained.

“After two years of building a solid relationship and trust, I was asked by the owner to make the sound better and I began pondering with design ideas and products. Over two years as an audio designer, installer, and manager for Sound Investment, we were selling a lot of DAS Audio products. We found the speakers to have fantastic sound quality, plus product was readily available and there was excellent support from DAS Audio Spain Engineering. So, we began to discuss a premier dance club product that would blow away the competition in all aspects of sound and price.”

Such was the dedication to the sound quality at the venue, E11EVEN Group and DAS Audio announced a partnership to launch a new brand of sound systems – E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio. The Miami-based corporation and the leading Spanish sound manufacturer reached a strategic agreement to offer a new way of understanding sound and entertainment

John furthered: “Working with Javier Navarro, Head of Engineering for D.A.S. Audio, we developed a state-of-the-art product that delivered a superior sound quality beyond any of the competition – and we were able to offer the products at affordable pricing. Due to the cost of insurance for nightclubs, build-out cost, rent if the operator does not own the building, the cost is astronomical to open a large nightclub. In sales history, operators always cut on the lighting or sound when it comes to budgeting choices. The new E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio provides the highest quality at affordable pricing, so when an estimate is provided to a client, they do not have sticker shock.  That is why E11EVEN is a partner with DAS Audio, with idesign also being the first vetted and authorised design and installer of the product.

The two companies bring different approaches to an industry in which service is as important as the product. In recent years, the club scene has evolved generating new needs for club owners and technicians. Hence, pre-sales, training and tech-support are the foundation of E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio’s business vision.

“A considerable advance has been made in the use of video and lighting to generate special effects in clubs, but there is still a lot of work to do on the non-visual elements. Our intention is to elevate the audience’s experience to a sensory feast full of surprises and create memorable experiences,” added Gino LoPinto, Operating Partner at E11EVEN.

The new brand has been created to bring sound back to the forefront of the nightclub sensory experience – and that is something that they have achieved at E11EVEN, as John explained further: “I was given instructions by the creator / owner of E11EVEN to make the sound like a studio; better vocals, cleaner low frequencies and add anything missing.

“The design process started with what the demands were of all artists, live or DJ, for E11EVEN. When designing a DJ sound system, we want it to run at 60% maximum at full volume. We take this approach to ensure no distortion, less wear and tear on components, to ensure the amplifiers are not over driven and for the finest guest interaction experience.

“The main Party PIT has loudspeakers designed with the precise coverage of the room to ensure all areas are considered sweet spots. Everywhere where a customer can sit or stand allows them to hear every frequency – there are no dead spots or lack of audibility. Each area of the club – all VIP areas and the Day Club – are designed with the same concept and proper coverage. The system runs in stereo with mono sub bass.”

The loudspeakers selected for the Party PIT consist of four ES-112, eight ES-215, four ES-221 and two ES-30A loudspeakers from the E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio range. Elsewhere, the Day Club utilizes five ES-10s, the Lower VIP area has eight ES-26s, with the Conversation Area including three ES-26s, too. The restaurant’s system is made up of for Artec-306 loudspeakers and two Q10 subwoofers, while the rooftop has eight ES-26s, four Arco-4Ts and four Q10 subwoofers.

“All amplifiers are DAS OEM manufactured by MC² Audio. Class A/B bi-polar for all high frequencies and Class D for all midrange and sub bass. MC² Audio has a long history of making some of the finest sounding amplifier, so it was the preferred option,” added John.

“DAS Audio, in partnership with NST Audio, has developed their own 11sound processor, which runs in a true 96K for the main Party PIT. We believe that this company is leading the future in signal processing. The other areas of E11EVEN are controlled by BSS Audio BLU-160, with multiple BLU BOB2 for additional outputs. The entire system is controlled by iPad using Logic.

“For the DJ equipment, everything is Pioneer. We used the Pioneer DJM900nxs2 DJ mixer, and there are four Pioneer CDJ3000. All live mixers and microphones are rider-dependent and vary based on the show and needs of the artist.”

Dennis was delighted with John’s work at his nightclub: “John practices the art of sound installation. His genius is in the ability to install the component sound elements in their proper configuration to allow the resulting sound to create the space. John has been and continues to be an essential asset in helping us achieve our vision at E11EVEN.”

Gino added: “E11EVEN  has become a lifestyle brand and with that comes responsibility to always strive for the best. Quality of sound and production is at the top of our list and that’s why we partnered with DAS Audio to create E11EVEN Sound – the world’s best sounding club system.

“E11EVEN has become a global destination for guests and for world class talent.  The biggest live performance, DJs and theatrics at a 24-hour ultraclub, offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Sound, lighting and production is everything to us, that’s why we searched the planet to find the world’s best sounding club system – and we’re proud enough to call it E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio.”

Although the new audio system has been a massive success, it wasn’t without its difficulties, however, the forced closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that work could be completed within a much easier timeframe.

“The only real challenge is E11EVEN is a 24-hour venue and we have limited time to get things done. During COVID-19 while the venue was closed, allowed for an incredible renovation – and that has really taken E11EVEN to a whole new level,” John added.

As well as the audio system, the lighting and visual elements within E11EVEN were also meticulously planned to deliver a truly striking experience in all areas of the venue. Michael Meacham, Owner of idesign, started the creative design process with the Dennis DeGori and the architect, Tom Telesco from Telesco Associates, in the early summer of 2013.

“It was a synergistic process between all three of us. When Dennis had innovative ideas of what he wanted, Tom and I were able to build on these ideas with Dennis to collectively create what is now E11EVEN.

“Everything is based around the halo design, consisting of 360 one-metre custom ceiling digital lighting strips. Intertwined into the ceiling halo lights are 32 Cameo MovoBeam 100s, along with 16 Elation Dartz 360 fixtures. The very centre light is a Cameo Evos W7, while the mezzanine lights are made up of 36 Cameo Opus S5s and 16 SGM X5 LED strobes. Behind the lighting and DJ booth is another 12 Elation Dartz 360s, with four 6W RGB lasers in each corner of the room.

“For the lighting control, E11EVEN uses MA Lighting’s grandMA series 2 console with an MA expansion wing, grandMA NPU, Mif4 timecode, All of the nightclub’s pre-visualisation is done in Depence D2, too.”

The team at idesign also uses TC Supply’s Showkontrol for the timecoded shows at E11EVEN.

With this system in place, E11EVEN, which opened in February 2014, was a sensational success – both nationally and worldwide. However, fast forward to 2020, E11EVEN and idesign felt that the main room was in need of a refresh in terms of its lighting experience. This led to the Cameo Opus S5s and Cameo Movobeam 100s being installed.

“The lighting works well for this venue as its based around a round hydraulic centre stage that allows E11EVEN, as a nightclub / cabaret hybrid, to have feature aerialist performances each night, world-class DJs and specialty shows. All of the lighting around the main room has specific looks and features that allow for energetic and dramatic effects, as the venue needs,” Michael added.

“Everything needed to be colour mixing and LED based, plus, with a venue that is open 24/7, the lighting has to have longevity and reliability. Cameo is a feature-rich lighting manufacturer, especially the Cameo Opus S5s. Our Cameo representative, William Brieva, has been very responsive and excellent in assisting idesign and E11EVEN with the new lighting upgrades in 2020.”

For the visuals, the HD video screens are integral to E11EVEN’s production and aesthetic. From the 4ft x 12ft screen at the front entrance, through to the 28ft x 10ft 2mm screen in the main room and the 21ft x 10ft 3mm screen in the Day Room, the visuals are sharp, eye-catching and perfect for the venue. All of the video screens are controlled by Avolites Infinity RX8 media servers.

Michael concluded: “E11EVEN is one of our favourite clients and we consider Dennis DeGori and the E11EVEN partners to be family. Dennis has a successful vision to always be the best nightlife destination and provide everyone with the ultimate guest experience.

By providing E11EVEN with the best lighting and video packages, along with talented light operators like Ben Sahagun, idesign and E11even will continue to have a prosperous relationship for many years to come.”

John was similarly enthused by the project at E11EVEN, too: “What makes E11EVEN so special and why it is so successful is the culture and leadership embraced by the creator and owner, Dennis DeGori. E11EVEN treats their customers like gold, they go above and beyond to ensure the best performances and show for everyone.

“How the owner / creator and partners treat people runs downhill and it is passed onto everyone to enjoy the E11EVEN experience. The staff are amazing, and this is a perfect example that it takes money to make money – and treating customers and your team right is how you build an empire and successful operation.”

With the state-of-the-art technology in place, along with a strong culture and successful venue, E11EVEN promises to go from strength to strength, further establishing itself as one the best nightclub experiences in the world.