The requirement was an integrated PA, BGM and EVAC system for the entire hotel, lobby reception, taxi stand and the award winning “Halal” certified restaurant next to the lobby.
The digital DXT5100 PA system is from RCF Italy, which only utilised only 1 x 42U rack space for the digital matrix, CD/USB BGM Player, EVC message selector, 28 power amplifiers, line supervision and amps failsafe changeover. This frees up the limited space in the FCC room.

The BGM is the Fohhn Audio DLi 230 active steerable line array speakers and 2 x AS-21 12 passive subwoofers driven by Fohhn Audio D2.750 DSP Power Amplifier in cardioid mode and the asethically designed Cornered Audio speakers for the Carousel. Both the Cornered Audio speakers and the subwoofers overriden by the RCF PA system during emergency situation while the Fohhn DLi 230 will be used for emergency broadcast as there is another priority input for EVAC announcement.

The entire hotal was still in operation while the major upgrading was in progress. The main cables for the PA system had to be upgraded with FR type but wihtout disturbing the guests. The lobby was totally renovated and the preference was not have ceiling speakers and thus the Fohhn DLi 230 and the subwoofers had to be asethetically integrated into the finishing while still producing the full range of sound for the their BGM. The system was also calibrated in such a way that only the front portion of the lobby and the taxi stand will have BGM while the front office area will be quiet for guests checking in. The Carousel has 2 inputs for their BGM and also events based music playback like birthday parties.
All the controls for the BGM are housed in the storage space behind the Concierge and the overall system overriding are in the FCC room.

The hotel was the first to implement BGM for the lobby and taxi stand. The asethetic of the hotel lobby was the focal point and as such to have BGM only in the front portion of the lobby and taxi and yet does not disturb the front office area. the Carousel was also partially open to the lobby and yet BGM should not filter into the restaurant at the same time.