We purpose, design and provide DANLEY DOUND LABS system to give to GAÏA high fidelity sound in a very compact format for diner and musician groups and same high fidelity at high level for dancing. 6,5” coaxial speaker Cube and 3” Nano are 1xNano Sub are perfectly suited when low height available and short listener distance are imposed. 14xNano were installed to find each ear in the restaurant. 18” TH118 was selected for details in low frequencies, very low frequencies ability for actual music. We use DANLEY SOUND LABS amplifiers (LINEA RESEARCH UK) for their sound quality, reliability, high power, and high level protection. XDJRX2 chosen PIONEER offers good performance for DJ. We provide high quality SHURE HF mics for singers/musicians and the well-known YAMAHA MG124CX was selected for simplicity and effect chamber/reverb.

We purpose, design and provide a system who allows perfect light atmosphere during exploitation. We use NICOLAUDIE STICK KE2 for preset recall for staff and SUNLITE for DJ/LJ who want to do more. We use RVE led dimmer with demux, high reliabilty and smooth dimming for led, to control general light, made of MR16 and AR111 SEGULA Ambient Dimming allowing amber at low level and 2700°K at full power. We use AR111/MR16 RGB STARWAY/ARTECTA with ARTECTA 350mA supplies to colour in dancing mode, and help of 2 little SHOWTEC Phantom50 to give movement on dancefloor or architectural effect with GAÏA gobos.

We design the sound insulation and acoustic treatment keeping in mind costs and small place available in recessed ceiling, to reach acoustic high level in the room and perfect insulation outside the restaurant which is a five stars hotel. The compromise is made of ASSOUR, poured concrete, double layer PLACOPLATRE BA25 Duotech on wall and ceiling who give the sound insulation; and 60×60 mineral board on suspended ceiling who give acoustic treatment all over the room.

The main challenges was, at the beginning, giving acoustical, lighting, electrical, design solutions to our customer when construction had started, given that the Gaïa is just a part of the entire rehabilitation of five stars hotel MANALI. We’ve done 3 important installations in MANALI, large terrace for restaurant and “après-ski”, inside restaurant at same level “Bistrot MANALI” and restaurant/club GAÏA” in lower floor. We’ve also lighted and sonorised lobby and sonorised swimming pool and spa. During construction, we have to work, install sensitive Equipment, when mason/painters/carpenter… works too, because our customer have very small allotted time, throughout the project we have to adapt our solutions despite we work on plans.

This project should win because nothing was left to chance, we’ve provided many solutions and ideas to our customer allowing themselves to have a restaurant, where the staff works with no worry with a clear complete system, where their customers eat high level food in an ideally sonic and light atmospheres, with a controlled budget. we think the wellness of the final customer is the most important, we keep this in mind all during the project. We’ve received congratulations of our customer, final customers who go at GAÏA are pleased but they don’t really know why our job participates in, it’s our satisfaction, and a sign.