The T1 Profile investment (14 x Robe T1 Profile multipurpose LED moving lights) was specifically for providing front and key lighting for whatever action was happening onstage in the main hall.

Being a concert hall, they were extremely concerned about the noise and so silence was a crucial factor when deciding on which fixtures.

“With the reverb in the venue, there are those moments when we can literally hear that proverbial pin drop,” explained Jonas, adding that five years ago, when the Musikkens Hus opened, there were simply no moving lights on the market that were quiet enough to take on the role!

In Denmark, there is a big green energy focus and the T1 scored again. “It’s a solid green investment that is an ideal replacement for discharge lamps in this context,” stated Peter.

In a typical setup, 10 of the T1s are rigged on the over-stage trusses with four on the advanced bar.

Most of the external lighting designers coming in have been impressed with the performance of the fixtures.

Having the T1 Profiles and Pointes onboard adds flexibility for the diversity of entertainment produced at Musikkens Hus, ranging from full symphony concerts to pop and rocks shows. They have also hosted some national TV programmes / recordings in the main hall, and Jonas comments that features like the high CRI, the +/- green correction and the flicker-free operation are really helpful in this context.

The main challenge came in fixture selection. Finding low-noise, flexible and reliable sources that can be used in several applications (some extremely “pin-drop” quiet) was key.

This project should win because the T1s proved the perfect match for the brief. Musikkens Hus hosts a plethora of concerts and live performances (around 300 a year) as well as 200 commercial events, meaning the installed fixtures needed to be fully adaptable and flexible. Applications in which noise from fixtures could potentially hinder audience immersion were no longer a worry with the silence of the T1s, and moreover the fixtures prove a fantastic green solution to discharge lamps.