Hribar Hall is designed to be completely flexible; the capacity ranges from 180 seated to 250 standing depending on the set up and format which can be fully seated for banquets and dinners to standing with different sized stages, bare floor or catwalks. The schedule includes a lively mix of performances from music, drama, theatre, comedy and spoken word to fashion shows and other presentations including lectures, seminars and news conferences.

With this in mind, when it came to choosing the lighting, the Castle’s technical manager Tomaz Novak specified Robe to offer the best options for all scenarios – with a rig comprising four Spiider LED wash beams and 16 x LEDBeam 100s – eight new and eight which they already had in-house.

The lights, control and all relevant cabling for Hribar Hall was supplied and installed by a team from MK Light Sound overseen by Dean Karov: “We have a great working relationship with the Castle, it is an excellent reference site and a good example of how the breadth of Robe’s range can benefit their multiple applications.”

“[The Spiider] a fantastic wash light and a quality beam, plus you have some classy effects possible with the central flower LED effect” Tomaz stated, also mentioning that both Spiiders and LEDBeams are very light in weight, so great for Hribar Hall, and also extremely easy to move to other venues within the castle when necessary.

Tomaz also noted that the Spiider’s flexibility is essential in a venue that hosts such a vast array of events. LED was a sensible choice for its long life, low maintenance and value for money.

Hribar Hall is located deep within Ljubljana Castle’s walls, in the attic of Tract K (one of the castle’s many segments). The initial load in proved to be the biggest challenge with the venue so far down – luckily the light weight of the fixtures made their transportation a lot easier!

Another challenge was in finding fixtures that could easily be transported to the Castle’s other venues – again the Robes ticked the boxes with their light weight!

The castle is a key landmark of downtown Ljubljana, offering many cultural and historic events throughout the year. Each year it welcomes over 1 million visitors into its dynamic environment, which remains a primary jewel in the crown of one of Europe’s most attractive capital cities.

The installation of these fixtures now offers higher than before production values for the Castle; this project should win because the installation has enabled Hribar Hall to stand out and be a flexible space for events, all within Ljubljana’s main attraction.