Illuminarium’s immersive venues will transport millions of visitors to places they only dream of experiencing by placing them “inside” the narrative, with techniques used in traditional motion picture production and virtual reality. The technology allows visitors to experience real world filmed content (like a safari) and authentic re- created worlds in an immersive environment, all without wearable hardware.

HOLOPLOT is the official Technology Partner for the Illuminarium venues, as the X1 Matrix Array meets the high requirements for tailor-made and uniform coverage, audio content zoning, and immersive audio.

HOLOPLOT technology is the first to control sound so precisely that it can be steered like a laser light, using 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis algorithms. It can shape and steer sound in 3D and focus a sound beam on an individual visitor – with the person next to them unaware of what they are hearing, or when the production requires, bring a rich, vibrant, and powerful experience to every single listener. The technology makes you see with your ears. Sounds can now easily move through, out of, and into the room – even towards and away from you. As never before, you get fully immersed in rich, all-encompassing, and spatially-choreographed 360° soundscapes that take you on an inspiring and breathtaking journey.

Illuminarium’s first spectacle is WILD: The World’s First Virtual Safari. This interactive spectacle will showcase the beauty and splendor of the world’s most exotic animals in their natural habitats.

With the power of Panasonic’s advanced large venue native 4K laser projection technology, the Panasonic PT-RQ50k with 50,000 lm brightness, 4K resolution and vivid color, visitors will be transported on a journey throughout different environments and habitats. The Panasonic partnership also includes the manufacturing of a unique lens for Illuminarium to produce an enhanced immersive experience. Panasonic’s engineers collaborated to create for Illuminarium an ultra-short throw lens with minimal offset and loss of light. With this advanced Panasonic technology, Illuminarium will truly be a visual guest experience never before realized.

Beyond sight and sound, Powersoft haptic systems built into the floor stimulates the senses through vibrating ground effects. Responsive and interactive technologies employing remote sensing LIDAR technology also play a part in the experience.

The Illuminarium Atlanta venue is a multi-experiential space where visitors are fully immersed in a journey. The audience moves through the space as the experience unfolds. HOLOPLOT equips the Illuminarium venue for a full-on immersive experience with limitless possibilities in terms of spatial audio and sound control. It makes it possible to be part of a connected experience as a group – the way crowds experience seeing a live music performance – but it can also create very special individual moments – like seeing a shooting star when nobody else is around.

The X1 System’s exceptional performance powered by proprietary panning algorithms, enable visitors to accurately localise audio objects and their trajectory across the venue, in perfect synchronicity with the distinct visual show elements. With a centralised Matrix Array, virtual point sources can be placed anywhere, allowing sound to emanate even where there are no Audio Modules. While the visitor encounters many sonic surprises, the Illuminarium journey remains seamless. HOLOPLOT technology improves the homogeneity of sound level distribution and spectral consistency across multiple audience areas of any shape and size, giving every single visitor an authentic experience – even when moving around.

One additional challenge of the system design in the Illuminarium Atlanta venue, was the desire that the Audio Modules remain ‘invisible’ to the visitors. It was also imperative that they did not interfere with the video projection or mapping in the ceiling space. A solution has been found that allows them to be seamlessly hidden within the walls and concealed behind acoustically transparent wall-elements. By deploying HOLOPLOT’s unique 3D correctional frequency filters, spectral uniformity is maintained by compensating for any impact of transmission loss through the screen. This is considered a huge achievement, enabling a whole new level of immersion by tying the audio content closer to the visual. Last, the technology unique control capabilities reduces the need of acoustic treatment and limits the noise breakout to other parts of the venue, despite the challenging room shape and acoustics.

Illuminarium is the next generation of immersive entertainment.

From exhilarating natural wonders to enriching cultural moments and beyond, Illuminarium delivers a sensory experience like no other by fully immersing you in the world’s most extraordinary experiences. Illuminarium’s immersive venue will transport millions of visitors to places they only dream of experiencing by placing them “inside” the narrative, whether on a safari, at the bottom of the ocean, on top of the world’s highest peaks, surrounded by a once-in-a-lifetime sound performance or visual art exhibition, or being with the world’s most iconic personalities. llluminarium combines and amplifies techniques used in traditional motion picture production and virtual reality that allows visitors to experience real world, filmed content (like WILD, The World’s First Virtual Safari) and authentic, re-created worlds in an immersive environment, all without wearable hardware.

Illuminarium venues are super scaled, reprogrammable technological marvels that bring the immersive experience to a rarefied level. The Illuminarium’s “cinematic immersion” will engage one’s entire visual and sensual framework at a breathtaking scale: visitors are completely surrounded by a massive 360×360 canvas, 350 feet in length, over 20 ft in height, with state-of-the-art laser projection, rich spatial beamforming audio (where natural and musical scores change with the listener’s location), in-floor haptics, scent and lidar-based interactive technologies.

Illuminarium Experiences is a breakthrough, global experiential entertainment company created by worldwide leaders in cinematic and interactive content (Radical Media), architectural and theatrical design (Rockwell Group) and venue operations (Legends). To contribute to the illusion of transporting audiences to the places, people and experiences they may never see in real life, Illuminarium has also assembled a team of world class technology partners. Such partners include HOLOPLOT for its 3D Audio-Beamforming sound, Panasonic for 4K laser projection, Disguise for unprecedented media playback systems and Electrosonic for total system integration. Illuminarium seeks the highest standard of immersive technologies available today with an ongoing commitment to research and development going forward.

Following Atlanta, Illuminarium will open in Las Vegas at AREA 15 in January 2022 and in Miami, at Mana in the Wynwood Arts District, in spring 2022.