Created as a fun destination, Alezzi Yacht has been designed on three decks, each with its own needs and characteristics. The lower deck is the ideal place to relax, where you can enjoy a brunch or a drink while admiring the sea waves through the windows or the panoramic floor. The middle deck is the club where you can dance at will, enjoying the music and the sea breeze. The upper deck is an outdoor club, specially designed to enjoy spectacular parties and all that the Black Sea has to offer.

Each deck had its specific acoustic needs; a restaurant, a club and an outdoor festival. Our technical solution aimed at optimally adapting to each space and the possibility of multi-area sound management.

Alezzi Yacht is designed as a yacht for fun, unique in the area, as a way to escape from everyday life. Our goal was to complete the experience with professional sound and lighting equipment, special effects and LED screens, to create the experience of a yacht festival. It’s the ultimate symbol of freedom and a signal that things are getting better in our industry.

With the help of professional KV2 Audio loudspeakers, clear and powerful sound is present on every deck. The premium equipment from KV2 Audio was distributed according to the needs of each area: for deck 1, restaurant, the ESR system, for deck 2, club, SL412 and VHD2.18J systems for main and ESD series for out-fills and for deck 3, outdoor club, ES1.0 system. The core of the DJ desks is provided by Pioneer equipment and monitoring is provided by the EX KV2 Audio active speaker series.

The full list of KV2 Audio Gear: ESR 212 x 2 pc, ES2.6 x 4, SL412 x 4, VHD2.18J x 4, ESD 10 x 4, ESD 12 x 2,, ES1.0 x 4, ES 2.6 x 4, ES 1.8 x 4, EX 12 x 2, EX10 x 4.

We managed to create a complete seaside festival sensation with the help of intelligent lights from ProLights that enhance the fun and complete the unique experience.

The first deck is equipped with ProLights Ruby Beam, Ruby FCX and Diamond 7, the second deck with Ruby Beam, Diamond 19, Diamond 7 and Sunrise blinders, while the third deck -as well as the surroundings for several km – benefit from the input of the Panorama IP series – AirBeam and WBX Wash and the impressive SunBlast 3000FC.

The full list of ProLights Gear: Ruby bk/wh Beam x 28 pc, Ruby FCX x 5, Diamond 19 bk/wh x 16, Diamond 7 x 8, Sunrise 2L blinders x 4 , Panorama IP AirBeam x 6, Panorama IP WBX x 6, SunBlast 3000FC x 6, Wireless control by Wireless Solution Sweden.

The LED screens installed on board complete the experience both in terms of the general setting and in terms of the entertainment sessions. Present on each deck, even on the club ceiling, they offer impressive resolutions and a 3mm pixel pitch.

The special effects provided by Magic Effects completes the whole experiences of this venue. So the gear installed is composed of 2 FLAMEBLAZER, 4 SPARXSTAR, 2 CO2 JET II, CO2 Guns, Confetti guns, complemented with Smoke Factory Tour Hazers.