Combining the latest audio technology, immersive audio and the highest quality audio. The Finnish Music Hall of Fame demonstrates innovation in use of IP technology, innovative system design and content creation.

With a completely IP-based audio system, and several multichannel immersive audio systems around the complex, visitors are engulfed in sound.

Genelec’s new 4430A monitors have been installed – over 120 of them – to deliver virtual and augmented reality experiences and more, via Smart IP, to something like 100,000 visitors each year. Its interactive exhibits provide the perfect showcase for Finland’s rich musical heritage.In addition, the museum hosts events and diners.

Scandinavia’s largest entertainment technology conglomerate, the Bright Group designed and delivered the installation.

The Genelec loudspeakers are each connected using a single CAT-5 cable for audio, power and control. Dante and AES67 audio, is used throughout. Genelec’s new software package Smart IP Manager was used to configure the system – alongside interfaces for Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager.

Genelec’s unique use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows their loudspeakers to deliver their maximum SPL to deal with real-world peaks and transients. Enabling such a large powerful loudspeaker to be run from PoE is a significant step forward in the capabilities of PoE.

There is a room for changing exhibitions so it’s up to the exhibition designer how to use the technology in the room. From the d&b Soundscape processor, the installer set up an 18-channel output to 18 Genelec 4430s. Soundscape provides all of the virtual acoustic possibilities and it’s fully interactive: one idea is to be in Sibelius’ working environment, a city landscape, and then from a simple trigger to change it to a more natural setting in a Finnish forest, with Romantic music playing – a wide, open-space acoustic.

Control of the entire system can be done with an iPad. The soundscape system can be controlled through the interface made for the museum, with control of every room separately. This enables new exhibits to be set up quickly and easily in situ.

The introduction virtual and augmented acoustics and immersive audio took a lot of work. They modelled the room in d&b audiotechnik’s ArrayCalc software and ran a d&b Soundscape processor and then transitioned the system ito use Genelec speakers in the room instead. IP is the means to transport alls signals through, using the Dante network, with the microphone inputs into the DSP system feeding into the Soundscape processor.

The immersive audio content creation was equally as complex. The object-based audio was generated by one of the new generation of VR DAWs. Using Pro Tools rig with 100 channels going into SPAT Revolution 3D audio mixing software by Flux. The object-based approach allowed movements to br programmed along with changes in virtual acoustics.

The use of the Genelec Smart IP platform raises the bar and provides new simplicity for system integration and set up, whilst enabling integrators to deliver more complex audio solutions.