To create different configurations throughout the arena, a dividing Drapery System was supplied that utilising a series of demountable Truss Systems suspended from 250kg D8+ chain hoists.

J&C Joel were appointed to provide several drapery and trussing solutions to meet the multi-purpose requirements of the Coca-Cola Arena, which was opened to the public in 2019.

One of the main requirements was to make the space adaptable to suit events of all sizes. J&C Joel’s perimeter masking drapes were supplied to allow certain areas of the arena to masked off when not in use. Each drape consisted of a vertical retraction system that utilised the Apollo Festoon System. The Festoon System also utilised a double braked motor gearbox, drive shafts, bearings and pulleys, which were mounted within a custom 0.4m Box Truss.

The systems had working travels of 11.5m and evenly spaced pick-up lines that terminated to a bar sewn into a pocket at the base of the drapes. In addition, each Festoon System had an independent control system operating a fixed speed of 0.2m/s.

Hung from each Festoon System was black IFR Premier Wool Serge drapes. The drapes were sewn flat and headed with Ties to ensure a secure attachment. On the rear face of the drapes, “D” rings were sewn in line with the drop lines to guide them through.

Hung from the Chain Hoists was Premier Wool Serge drapes which could be manoeuvred easily to create different configurations around the arena, ensuring the system successfully met the multi-purpose requirements of the venue.

A further 28 chain hoists were supplied to suspend speaker stacks within the arena. Each Chain Hoists were equipped with dual brakes and geared limits (in accordance with the BGV D8+ standard), for a working travel of 25m and a varied safe working load (SWL) from 250kg to 2000kg.

Twelve 1000Kg BGV D8+ chain hoists were installed to suspend the arena’s octagon shaped scoreboard, which linked back to a separate control rack.

Additional chain hoists were used to suspend a steel frame platform that measured 8m long x 3m wide x 1.5m deep. The platform enabled the crew to accommodate follow spots in the arena which again met the multi-purpose requirement.

Finally, five Projection Screens measuring 12m drop x 7m wide were supplied for the front of the arena. The screens had a square hollow section frame which was infilled with Acoustic Rockwool and wrapped in Acoustic Transparent fabric, to ensure that the screens met the arena’s NCR1 acoustic requirement. J&C Joel then manufactured a face fabric for the screens from white Non-Perforated PVC Projection Screen which ensured a high-quality projection.

The multi-purpose requirement of the Coca-Cola Arena meant the teams at J&C Joel had to design, and manufacture a bespoke system that could be adapted for each event taking place. By working together, both the UK and Dubai teams designed an innovative solution that utilised specialist drapery, and trussing solutions.

The Coca-Cola Arena project combines J&C Joel’s drapery expertise with innovative trussing and mechanical expertise to create a bespoke solution that met the multi-purpose requirements of the venue.

Both the UK team and UAE team worked simultaneously on the project to thoroughly analyse each aspect and design a completely bespoke solution to meet requirements.

Overall, it took the team at J&C Joel 14 weeks to manufacture the solutions and nine months to fully install.