BamBam is a cocktail bar in Vietnam with a very welcoming atmosphere thanks to the simple but decisive lighting systems we have implemented. The goal was to create a perfect symbiosis between the interior design and the lighting design. That is why we applied the principles of architainment design, in which the technology is embedded in the architecture. The lighting purpose is to highlight the unique and creative architecture of this venue. At the same time, technology should only be a means to an end. While it should create an immersive scenery for everyone, it should also fade into the background as much as possible.

The space as a whole is dynamically dyed in different colors by its beautiful, dynamic stretch ceiling created with RGB LED strips. As the central element, it does not need to but can easily dominate the room if wanted. Our design helps to transform the venue from a dining room into a highly energetic, ultra-lounge party in no time.

You will also find white LED strips on the perimeter of the central pool. When mixed with the blue color of the tiles, it creates a truly unique atmosphere. BamBam is the perfect place to warm up before experiencing the local nightlife, such as Commas Club.

The main challenge was to find this symbiosis between the interior design and the lighting design. Everything should be as seamless as possible between architecture and lighting. Furthermore and from a practical standpoint, we wanted to hide the technology in a way that it is also easy to access and maintain.

Being a small place, BamBam is a very good example of what architainment means. It achieves simplicity and at the same time its well-curated visual content is highly adaptive. Here, you forget about the technology. You cannot see it, but you can feel it during the night when everything pulsates to the rhythm of the music.