The use of the ROE Visual BO3 video panel system, made up of over 450 panels creates the backdrop, while a host of automated fixtures from German Light Products and Martin Professional, as well as fixed head fixtures by Chroma-Q, set the mood of the space. Adding in the Stagemaker motors, Tyler Truss systems, power distribution and more, GLP have provided a solution that exceeds all expectations and surpasses even the original vision of what we could accomplish in the space.

The challenge as it was presented to us was the Church of the Highlands team wanted flexibility of design in an already constructed worship facility. The overall concept of the space has ultimately been to provide a complete touring system within the walls of a permanent facility. The technical leadership wanted the ability to execute whatever design concept they could dream up, whenever they wanted to implement it, without limitations. We put together a system made up of power distribution, motor controllers, motors, truss, etc. all in an effort to create that ultimate and unlimited flexibility.

This project has been many years in the making and involved many different teams from Church of the Highlands, E2i Design, and all the manufacturers involved. Its phased implementation has been successful and the end result is giving the ministry something they never imagined could be possible. It is also one of the most unique systems being used on a week to week bases in a “permanent install” worship venue as it is certainly not common to have this level of system. GLP are very proud of the work the ministry continues to do on a weekly basis as they maximise the potential this system has to offer with its nearly unlimited possibilities.