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The audio systems for each area within Zenon were designed using Funktion-One loudspeakers. The terrace features some of Funktion-One’s most compact products; 10 x F81.2 tops and 4x SB10 subs deliver exceptional audio, creating an immersive experience while being compact enough to deliver a discreet solution.

In the main restaurant area, Em-Tec installed 10x F81.2s and 4x SB10s. Like all Funktion-One loudspeakers, the F81.2 delivers clarity, intelligibility and very low distortion. 

The members-only lounge is a private area for the owners to host events. Em-Tec used 8x F101.2 tops and 3x BR118 subs. 

Em-Tec designed a four-point Evolution X system for Zenon’s club space, along with BR218s and BR118s subs, and F101.2s and F81.2s for side fills in the booth seating areas.

Processing comes from NST Audio and amplification from Full Fat Audio (FFA).

Em-Tec selected a variety of Ayrton products, including Diablos and Cobras, as well as Elation DTW BAR 1000s, and ClayPaky ReflectXions with Avolites Key Frame engine effects, to produce dynamic visuals.

Em-Tec created a wide range of effects, using Ayrton’s Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 3 FX in full pixel mode. The 3 FX possesses remarkable versatility, seamlessly transitioning between beam and wash effects with impressive ease, whilst the 9 FX is equipped with a high-performance 40 W LED source with RGB+W additive colour synthesis, ideal for dramatic, artistic lighting.

Zenon is a world-class destination venue located in the heart of Dubai, which features a restaurant, outdoor terrace, nightclub and members’ lounge. Through a leading-edge, highly innovative, AI-infused interior and audio-visual design, the venue succeeds in standing out in the highly competitive Dubai entertainment and hospitality market. Zenon has been described as a ‘revolutionary culinary destination’, ‘technological marvel’ and ‘a vision of the future’.

Using technology, Zenon empowers diners to be more than a visitor to a venue and transforms them into an active participant.

Funktion-One distributor Em-Tec designed and installed the audio and dynamic lighting for the venue, collaborating with AI specialists Ouchhh to realise Zenon’s futuristic and highly engaging concept. 

“Zenon came to us knowing we had the knowledge and skills to execute a project of this scale and unconventionality,” said Armand Bulder, Sales Director at Em-Tec. “The owners emphasised that they wanted this space to be the best of the best in Dubai.”

Em-Tec’s main challenges included delivering the highest levels of design using the best possible technology. They answered this requirement with zoned Funktion-One sound systems in all four spaces.

The audio systems feature some of Funktion-One’s latest products, including the recently upgraded Compact Range in the restaurant, terrace and members’ lounge, and Evolution X configured in a highly immersive four-point arrangement in the nightclub. 

In the restaurant, where the AI-powered visual spectacle is most prevalent, there was a need for a sound system that would deliver the best possible audio while remaining as discreet as possible. This was achieved in using highly efficient Funktion-One Compact Range speakers. The efficiency of Funktion-One’s speakers means higher output, smaller speakers to achieve the required output, and fewer speakers in total.

Zenon harnesses the convergence of art and cutting-edge technologies to create a truly unique dining and entertainment experience. Through real-time data, the environment adapts with Dubai’s energy and incorporates EEG signals from live DJ performances and utilises motion sensors to activate the spaces. This combination creates a living canvas that the coalesces the city and the interplay between human neural activity and digital simulations.

The venue’s visual architecture is complimented by an audio design befitting of such a premium venue in one of the most exclusive locations in the world. Every part of the design must work together to achieve a fully immersive experience.

By specifying Funktion-One sound systems throughout the venue, Em-Tec has ensured the best possible audio presentation.

Funktion-One sound systems are renowned for their efficiency, low distortion, intelligibility and detail. This gives each space a full and welcoming sound that doesn’t fatigue the listener over the course of their visit. In conversational spaces, music is clear thanks to the even frequency response, which means the volume can be set at the correct level for each space and the time of day.