Wake Chapel

ProjectBlaze AudioLocationRaleigh, NC, USAInstallerHi-Tech Electronics, USA

With a 3,000-seat sanctuary, Wake Chapel wanted a loudspeaker system that could deliver articulate speech and equally impressive music reproduction. They found it with the new Constant Curvature Array (CCA) loudspeaker series from Blaze Audio.

The sanctuary at Wake Chapel is a large space that measures 187 feet wide with a room depth of 137 feet from the front of the stage to the rear wall. To properly address a congregation of roughly 3,000 people in a space this wide and deep, we needed loudspeakers capable of delivering wide horizontal dispersion in addition to significant throw. Equally important, we wanted to maintain a clear line of sight to the stage area from the entire seating area. We were initially expecting to fly as many as 36 line array enclosures deployed in three hangs of 12—left / center / right—across the front of the stage area, but this would have impaired visibility, so we sought another solution. We found it with the CCA10i Constant Curvature Array series loudspeakers from Blaze Audio.

The difference between using the Blaze Audio CCA10i loudspeakers as opposed to more traditional line array enclosures is huge,” Williams explained. “By eliminating these large loudspeaker clusters across the front of the stage area, people can see the activity on stage better—and this goes a long way toward keeping the congregation engaged. Just like the exceptionally wide and tightly controlled horizontal coverage, the CCA10i enclosures are equally impressive in terms of vertical dispersion. According to Hugh Sarvis, Blaze Audio’s lead loudspeaker design engineer, ‘By fixing the vertical coverage at 20 degrees per unit, the need for splay angle calculation is eliminated, optimizing system configuration, shortening project deployment time, and improving the installation experience.’ This is exactly what we experienced with the Blaze Audio CCA10i loudspeakers.