Trans Studio Mall

ProjectTrans Studio MallLocationMakassar, Sulawesi, IndonesiaInstallerMaxin10sity, HungarySubmitted byMaxin10sity

Maxin10sity was given a brief to create content for a projection mapping show, a mythical adaptation of the creation of the world, as well as a strict budget in order to make recommendations what equipment Trans Studio Mall would need for the installation.

Taking account the budget, Maxin10sity outlined the system and the content in the planning phase. Trans Studio Mall purchased the projectors due to having local connections with brand but it was also important for the projectors to be small, quiet and low maintenance, while Maxin10sity specified the media server to deliver the content.

The integrator knew that within this project’s budget the best media server solution was PIXERA due to all of its features; it was important for this installation to have a reliable media server that was also easy to teach the IT team how to use.

Trans Studio Mall requested a five-minute-long spectacle that would be dynamic, display many explosions and mythic creatures and would show the creation of earth and the establishment of the world. The project’s aim was to offer a unique shopping experience, increase footfall in the shopping mall to enjoy the free show and as a result revenue for the various outlets thanks to more shopping.

Maxin10sity created the content that featured the birth, life and battle of dragons, phoenixes and other epic creatures, projected onto a 25m diameter circular ceiling, designed to ensure no matter where the audience stands, they can understand the storyline from that angle.

The installation consists of six Panasonic PT-MZ20 projectors, installed on brackets on the inner perimeter of the first floor, projecting upwards on the third floor ceiling. PIXERA two OCTO server delivers content and music, created by Maxin10sity.

Once the equipment arrived on site, Maxin10sity and its partner company, Sommator AVS, used the cloud based platform Mapping Matter for determining the overall brightness of the projection. The team also used PIXERA 3D workspace during pre-production to help decide the best position for the projectors, which helped Sommator AVS build custom brackets holding the projectors in place, and at the right angle.

Trans Studio Mall faces a unique challenge due to its geographical position. The region is prone to occasional earthquakes, with the country experiencing 3.8 to 4.0 magnitude tremors several times each year. This poses a risk for the installation in the future, as even a small tremor can cause the projectors to move and the configuration has to be done again.

This was taken into consideration during the installation phase, and the team ensured to leverage the remote controlling and utilise lens shift to realign the projectors from Maxin10sity’s Budapest office. However, in cases where remote adjustment fall short, Maxin10stiy aims to reach out to its partners in Singapore to visit the site and ensure the installation is redone.

One of the reasons Maxin10sity recommended PIXERA is its straightforward, easy-to-understand interface, which ensures the tech team knows how to carry out necessary adjustments.

Maxin10sity taught the technical team on the site how to use the media server and made sure the equipment is automated, so even if there is an electricity outage the equipment will work as normal. The venue’s technical team can easily turn the system on/off play shows, upload and play media (still logos or video loops) for special events and re-arm the system for automatic mode with only a few hours of training after the installation.

However, Maxin10sity made sure that its team would have access to PIXERA remotely, so if anything goes wrong, the company can access the site from its office. The Hungarian company also asked for the cameras to be installed near the projectors in order to do a remote change on the setup. Additionally, the company is prepared to change the content in the future, so if the Trans Studio Mall requests anything else to be added on the timeline, the company can do it without visiting the site.

Situated on a remote island in Indonesia, Trans Studio Mall in Makassar owners trusted Maxin10sity team to bring a plain section of its ceiling to life with a complete turnkey solution. From content design, system planning and implementation, Maxin10sity was tasked to create a dynamic five-minute-long show, displaying battles between various mythical creatures, projected onto a 25 m diameter circular ceiling, with a total projection area of 500 sqm.

The award entry showcases the transformation of the plain 25 m circular ceiling of Trans Studio Mall in Makassar, Indonesia, a project driven by creativity, artistic excellence and community engagement. Maxin10sity developed a turnkey solution to bring the ‘wow factor’ to mall visitors with customised content. This project not only promotes Trans Studio Mall but also represents a milestone for the mall and the town.

Known for its creative designs and projection mapping shows, it is unusual for Maxin10sity to take charge of the system planning, implementation and installation and not only deliver content to the end user. In addition, Maxin10sity and its long-time partner, Sommator AVS, taught the Trans Studio Mall IT team how to operate the system. During the setup, Maxin10sity created a control panel detailing everything the mall’s technical team needs to know about its operation.

The project marks a shift by introducing high-quality ProAV installations in a remote island town like Makassar and has made a positive impact on the community by offering locals world-class entertainment right at their doorstep.