The Grand Theatre At The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre

ProjectThe Grand Theatre At The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural CentreLocationMumbai, IndiaArchitectTVS Design (Steve Clem), USA / Mark SmithLighting DesignerEleva Escénica, Spain / LEDSCONTROL, Spain / TVS Design, USAInstallerLEDSCONTROL. Spain / Eleva Escénica, Spain / Imagineering Services Ltd., IndiaSubmitted byinoage GmbH – MADRIX

TVS Design created a building that is unique to India and would not fit anywhere else in the world for client Reliance Industries Limited.

The company said: “The design borrows elements from Indian culture with an international appeal. It uses the lotus – the national flower of India representing spirituality, knowledge and illumination – in the architectural composition to beautifully reference India’s vibrant heritage.”

The Grand Theatre is the grand jewel of this design. Drawing on India’s rich symbolism, the design language makes use of traditional elements and combines them with modern LED technology. The result is a stunning venue that easily adapts to any performance, creates a transformative atmosphere, and simply awes the audience. It allows people to create their own special memories of this space.

The stand-out feature of this world-class hall is its bespoke ceiling. 17 large lotus petals were custom-built by Waagner Biro, Austria. They feature a perforated arabesque pattern that is studded with no fewer than 8,400 Swarovski crystals.
Beautiful on their own, their diamond appearance charmingly reflects the light.

The solid crystals contain individually programmable RGBW+WW LED lighting fixtures, exclusively made by Eleva Escénica. This allows the gorgeous canvas to appear in a whole new light.

The pixel-mapping ceiling transforms this remarkable centrepiece into a theatrical-performance element by itself. LEDSCONTROL had the honour of lending its expertise as lighting programmers, creative content creators, and technical-control consultants.

The ability for the ceiling to easily and quickly change in colour and pattern being integrated into theatre events makes this truly unique in the world.

In order to achieve this outstanding level of creative lighting control and customised effects and visuals, LEDSCONTROL relies on a custom-made server with 1 MADRIX 5 professional software controller, 12 MADRIX LUNA 8 network nodes, 1 MADRIX USB ONE hardware interface, and 1 MADRIX SMPTE interface for timecode synchronisation. The software allows limitless customisation thanks to its built-in parametric effects and animations.

All of the main elements that make this striking project a reality are custom-tailored. A creative vision meets artisanal excellence to create a one-of-a-kind design and marvellous visual experience that simply speaks for itself.