Stradom House Autograph Collection by Marriott

ProjectStradom House Autograph Collection by MarriottLocationKrakow, PolandManufacturersBose ProfessionalInstallerGrupa CLUE, PolandAcousticianGrupa CLUE, PolandSubmitted byGrupa CLUE, Poland

The extraordinary elegance, luxurious comfort, and impeccable quality – these are just some of the expectations set forth by our client. In the heart of the historical and cultural capital of Poland – Krakow – every element had to reflect uniqueness and excellence. Collaboration with the Bose Professional brand was a key element of our project.
The interior designers aimed to seamlessly integrate speakers into the interiors of the investment, maintaining the style and historic character of the spaces, which was crucial for creating a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere throughout the Stradom House hotel. Any customisation of equipment, allowing for matching with the colors and finishing materials used, was an ideal way to embed audio devices into the fabric of the interiors, emphasising the unique character and luxurious style of the hotel.

Collaborating with the Bose Professional brand proved to be crucial in achieving these goals. With a rich offering of various types of speakers and mounting systems, we had the opportunity to tailor audio equipment to each space and client’s needs. This allowed us to create personalised solutions that not only meet expectations regarding sound quality but also seamlessly blend with the character and style of the interiors, creating unforgettable experiences for guests at the Stradom House hotel.At the heart of the sound system lies a digital audio DSP processor that handles both analog and digital inputs and outputs using DANTE technology.

Individual speaker zones are powered by multi-channel amplifiers that support PowerShare technology, allowing for the dynamic and fully automated allocation of amplifier power to each zone. The entire system is interconnected via a LAN network, facilitating both digital audio signal transmission and control of individual ones.

This provides unprecedented flexibility and the ability to meet the multitasking needs of the facility, both currently and for potential expansions in the future.Volume control for general areas is managed through an application installed on Android tablets, while conference room sound is adjusted using mounted touch panels.

The sound system must deliver excellent sound quality and precision in every acoustically challenging space.

The multi-functionality of the facility and the need to create spaces for both work and relaxation required the entire system to be flexible and multitasking. Audio devices must seamlessly integrate with the hotel’s exclusive interior, adding character and style.

The utilisation of the latest sound technologies, providing not only excellent sound but also exceptional experiences for guests.

Collaboration with the Bose Professional brand was a key element of our project. The diversity of solutions offered by this brand allowed us to meet all client expectations and design a system incorporating the latest technologies seamlessly integrated into the historical elegance of the property.

Furthermore, our collaboration with Bose Professional in implementing state-of-the-art sound systems within this historic hotel underscores the importance of marrying heritage properties with cutting-edge audio technology. By seamlessly integrating Bose’s expertise in sound engineering with the architectural marvels of the past, we have created an immersive audio experience that complements the venue’s rich history.

The significance of this collaboration extends beyond mere aesthetics; it speaks to the importance of preserving cultural heritage while embracing innovation. By incorporating the latest advancements in sound technology, we ensure that visitors not only admire the grandeur of the past but also engage with it on a sensory level, enhancing their overall experience.

This synergy between historical preservation and technological innovation exemplifies our commitment to offering guests an unparalleled journey through time, where the echoes of the past are brought to life through the clarity and precision of Bose sound systems. It reinforces the notion that heritage properties can seamlessly adapt to modern expectations without compromising their intrinsic value, setting a new standard for preservation and hospitality excellence.

In essence, the incorporation of Bose Professional’s cutting-edge sound systems into this historic hotel not only enhances the visitor experience but also exemplifies our commitment to excellence in hospitality. This innovative approach to preserving cultural heritage while embracing modern technology sets a new standard for the industry. By seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, we create a truly remarkable destination that captivates guests from around the world. This project’s ability to redefine the boundaries of heritage conservation and hospitality, while delivering unparalleled experiences, makes it a worthy contender for the prestigious MONDO-DR Awards 2024.