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London’s famous Roundhouse concert and performing arts venue in Camden now has an all Robe moving light rig with a recent investment in 20 x ESPRITE luminaires, fitted with the HP (High Performance) LED engine for the highest output and strongest colours.

The order was overseen for Robe UK by Curtis Lewis, their business development manager for the London area.

These fixtures join 82 existing Robe moving lights at the venue – 42 x LEDBeam 100s, 16 x DLF Washes, 6 x DLX Spots and 6 x LEDWash 600s – with the ESPRITES now the primary house rig spot fixtures, and available to all incoming productions.

The new ESPRITES are part of a major technical update and an ongoing sustainability drive to make the Roundhouse as energy efficient as possible.

Robe’s TE – TRANSFERABLE ENGINE – technology was a key factor in the choice as well, as the light source can be changed out for a different type – HCF (High Colour Fidelity) when colour rendition is paramount, or TGW (Tungsten White) for a warm theatrical feel – or simply replaced, which greatly enhances the lifespan, value and sustainability of the products.

They are incredibly bright and bring a whole new meaning and range of possibilities to how shows can be lit at this landmark venue.

ESPRITES ticked all the relevant boxes and more for a flexible, multipurpose light that fulfilled several requirements and can cover the varied artistic and commercial programmes.

Head of Lighting Steve Royal was also impressed with the smooth dimming curve and the range of colours, from the delicate pastels to the sumptuous rich saturates.

It completes an all Robe moving light installation at this iconic London venue, representing great value and flexibility in an investment for both now and the future.

Steve thinks ESPRITES are well designed and that proper thought has gone into making this product and in considering the needs of those who are using and looking after them day-to-day.

Steve remembers when Robe was first starting out as a brand and observes how smart they have been in their R ‘n’ D, producing a string of innovative and interesting products along the way.

He noted other bonuses of staying with products from one brand like the colour matching between the older and newer fixtures. Continuity is an area that Robe knows is important and is a major bonus for installations and venues that will often make purchases spanning a few years.