Rock Bar Bali

ProjectRock Bar BaliLocationBali, IndonesiaInstallerSontasticSubmitted byLynx Pro Audio

All cable runs are dug into the cliff in plastic tubes so protected from the elements and without disturbing the aesthetics. Also, special platforms were built on the cliff to ensure good positioning and coverage.

Given the particularities of the installation, Lynx Pro Audio speakers were chosen “for their pristine sound, range of colour options, and the Weather-resistant options for all speakers”, an option offered by the brand for extreme installations of this type, where the venues need protection designed to resist extreme weather conditions, such as sunlight, salt, and water.

Eight WCX-8 enclosures have been installed throughout the bar, a compact, modular two-way coaxial enclosure designed for outdoor applications. It has an 8″ coaxial speaker that offers 70º conical dispersion coverage and a power of 300 W AES.

As powerful reinforcement for these enclosures, 7 two-way HR-1596/7 enclosures have been installed, a full-range system with a power of 700 W AES. This enclosure has a wide coverage of 90ºx60º and a passive / bi-amplified selector, mounting a 15″ speaker together with a 1.4″ driver and a rotatable horn that allows you to choose the most appropriate coverage angle according to the installation.

To reinforce the low frequencies, three high-performance passive HR-218/12 subwoofers have been set up, with two 18″ speakers in direct radiation bass reflex configuration. With omnidirectional coverage and power of 1200 W AES.

Weather-resistant enclosures have specific features for greater durability outdoors and to withstand harder weather conditions: anodized aluminum logo for greater durability, stainless steel grille also available in aluminum with protective layer and micro-textured paint, weatherstrip edging, acoustex filter to prevent penetration of water and external elements, 35 ppi acoustic foam to prevent dust particles from affecting internal components, waterproof protected cone on both sides, aluminum back plate with pressure gland for a tight connection and stainless steel screws.

For amplifiers, five Lynx Pro Audio TS series amplifiers have been set up on the south and north of the venue. These amplifiers were ideal with it’s high power efficiency, great sound and upside-down board design that could be treated with spray to resist corrosion.

This bar, part of the Ayana resort hotel, is located in a unique setting: along a 14-meter-high limestone cliff on the Jimbaran coast, just a stone’s throw from the Indian Ocean.

The unusual shape of long stretches of seating on many levels and the close proximity to salt water, crushing waves, the harsh rays of tropical sunlight all year around, the DJ area carved directly into the rock and the “Round Bar” raised platform at the end of the cliff, poses tremendous challenges from an engineering perspective.
Distributor Melodia, together with their AV integrator partner Sontastic, have been the companies in charge of renovating the bar’s sound, to ensure correct distribution and calibration of sound throughout the area using the most appropriate enclosures.
Rock Bar is both a happening sunset spot, a party venue and a scenic dining experience. Sometimes the sound needs to be soft to accompany sunset dining, other times there are parties and events that need high SPL. All without disturbing the five-star Ayana Resort above the venue.

Since there’s no sound man running the venue, it was imperative to have a system that is easy to operate as well as sounding great with various types of uses. Also, it was quickly determined the all speakers in the venue must be transformerless to deliver a punchy, full sound all along the 300 m stretch of coastline that is Rock Bar.
Sontastic is one of SE Asia’s most experienced systems integrators for beach clubs and high-performance entertainment systems in tropical environments. Sontastic had already a good working relationship with Lynx Pro Audio, having worked with the Indonesian distributor, Melodia and having visited the Lynx Pro Audio factory in Valencia in the past.

Sontastic faced many challenges during the installation given the exceptional conditions of the location, unusual shape and make of the venue: to minimise cable runs there are four equipment racks along the 300 m venue and each one of them is in an air-conditioned space and connect by LAN cable.

“Bali’s most popular sunset” is how people describe Rock Bar Bali, one of the most iconic venues on the island, noted for magical sunsets, high-end cocktails and nightly entertainment since it’s humble beginnings in 2009.
What started as a small design bar on the stunning rock landscape of Jimbaran has grown to become one of the World’s best bars stretching about 300 meter from North to South. Sontastic stated: “A well-designed audio system should cater to a diverse range of musical preferences. From mellow acoustic tunes during sunset hours to lively DJ sets after dark, the system should be versatile enough to adapt to the bar’s changing vibes seamlessly.” That’s why they chose the versatile and powerful Lynx Pro Audio systems.

Lynx Pro Audio professional sound systems are ideal for these situations, as they have great adaptability and options for complex installations. The brand never compromises on quality, offering not only highly resistant systems manufactured with care in its factory, but also offering a high level of technical and technological quality, with systems that incorporate software developed by its own engineers.
In late August 2023, Rock Bar celebrated their 14th Anniversary with the new sound system and the party was a blast! Sontastic together with Lynx Pro Audio and Melodia have delivered an outstanding package for this outstanding venue and in 2024 the team will continue the collaboration to expand with more areas and more sound in Rock Bar.