ProjectREGAN VestLocationSkørping, DenmarkInstallerTaintecSubmitted byGenelec

REGAN Vest is a new museum in Skørping, Denmark exploring the geopolitical tensions of the Cold War. The main attraction is a 5,500 sq-metre secret bunker hidden 60 metres underground, that was constructed in the 1960s as a safe haven in case of nuclear war. A detailed and informative look at a conflict that lasted over four decades, REGAN Vest tells the story in a newly built exhibition space that’s equipped with a comprehensive audio solution from Genelec.

“We wanted to create an exhibition in which the audio-visual elements supported the storytelling in very subtle ways,” begins Taintec’s Tue Selmer Friborg, the audio-visual consultant that worked on the project. “The sound had to offer guests an immersive element, whilst being unobtrusive, and at the same time we wanted to make an exhibition which – though complex – would require as little maintenance as possible.”

The museum is made up of three parts; the bunker which takes guests to the centre of the Cold War with its untouched artefacts and original décor, the master machinists house – which allows visitors to experience what day-to-day life was like – and the newly built exhibition space that tells the story of political tensions and how Denmark prepared for nuclear attack.

The Genelec system is deployed throughout the exhibition space, with Friborg specifying a solution that relies on the renowned 4000 Series loudspeakers, complemented by 7050 subwoofer technology. Unmatched performance and adaptability made the models an ideal choice for the discreet yet high-quality audio that the exhibition required.

The system comprises seven powerful 4030 loudspeakers, five 4020s, four 4010s and one 7050 subwoofer, all of which are responsible for providing the atmospheric soundscapes that bring the exhibition to life. As guests enter, the system provides detail of both sides of the Cold War – East and West – alongside a projection of a world map. Quadrophonic surround sound is used to emphasise the two opposing sides.

In another room, there’s a replica of a nuclear explosion – which features intense flashing lights and a blast from the Genelec loudspeakers. This goes off at several times throughout the day, followed by a Danish TV broadcast of the attack. Additionally, several vintage TVs and radios play historic clips from the era, which are reproduced by Genelec’s ultra-compact 4010 loudspeakers. Friborg decided on an unconventional approach for controlling the system, opting for networked media players from BrightSign so that the sound levels and playback triggers are handled via the network.

“I chose Genelec first and foremost because of sound quality. Other factors included durability, the five-year warranty, versatility, and the different size options. The inbuilt amplifiers made for a very simple installation, and the low power consumption provided by Genelec’s Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) technology means that I don’t need to bother with turning amplifiers on and off. I like to make systems with as few hardware types as possible because it makes setup time and maintenance much easier, and the client does not need to have a huge stock of different spares. Genelec’s commitment to sustainability also influenced my choice.” – Tue Selmer Friborg, Taintec.

During the installation, Taintec encountered a problem with two of the Genelec loudspeakers that had been damaged by electricians elsewhere in the building. Although it was nothing to do with them, Genelec arrived the next day and replaced the speakers immediately. Apart from that, REGAN Vest was a problem-free installation that resulted in an immersive audio experience for visitors at the museum.

• REGAN Vest is a unique museum project that pushes the boundaries of a traditional attraction.
• The Genelec system provides discreet yet powerful audio in various formats to subtly support the storytelling.
• The audio is immersive and envelopes visitors in the history of the cold war.
• Genelec’s commitment to sustainability aligned with REGAN Vest’s values, leading Taintec to choose the 4000 Series models for their low power consumption and ease of installation.