Papillon Dinner and Dance Experience

ProjectPapillon Dinner and Dance ExperienceLocationBerlin, GermanyManufacturersd&b audiotechnikInstallerTSE AGSubmitted byd&b audiotechnik

Papillon Berlin utilizes a state-of-the-art sound system designed by TSE AG and installed by Elektroakustik Neuenhagen GmbH to seamlessly transform its restaurant space into a vibrant dance venue after hours. The system is centered around d&b’s 44S loudspeaker systems.

Thirty ultra-compact loudspeakers strategically placed throughout the venue provide exceptional sound coverage. Their discreet design integrates seamlessly into the restaurant’s décor. Furthermore, d&b 10S deliver additional power for an intense listening experience. A combination of B8 and B6 subwoofers positioned strategically on the floor and mounted on the ceiling provides deep bass for an impactful soundscape. Six D40 four-channel amplifiers and three 5D installation amplifiers power the entire system.

The system allows for even sound distribution and eliminates the need for guests to congregate around the DJ booth, ensuring an enjoyable experience throughout the venue. n: By providing a high-quality sound suitable for dancing, Papillon extends its revenue potential by keeping guests in the restaurant area after dinner hours. The meticulously designed sound system surpasses expectations, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complements Papillon’s upscale dining and nightlife experience.

Balancing sound quality with aesthetics: Integrating powerful speakers into a restaurant setting without compromising the ambience posed a challenge. The d&b 44S loudspeakers’ compact design addressed this concern by offering exceptional sound quality in a discreet form factor.

The sound system needed to cater to both a fine dining experience and a lively dance atmosphere. The combination of d&b 44S loudspeakers for background music and d&b 10S loudspeakers with subwoofers for powerful bass ensures the system adapts seamlessly to the changing needs of the venue throughout the evening.

Papillon Berlin’s sound system exemplifies the innovative use of technology to create a unique and successful dining and nightlife concept. The d&b audiotechnik system, designed and installed by TSE AG and Elektroakustik Neuenhagen GmbH, transcends the limitations of a traditional restaurant environment. By prioritizing even sound distribution, aesthetic integration, and adaptability, this project elevates the guest experience and demonstrates the power of technological innovation in the hospitality industry.
The restaurant acquired the loudspeaker systems through d&b’s Subscription Series, a model that allows d&b audiotechnik to lease the sound system to Papillon for four years, with TSE AG providing the service. In return for a fixed monthly fee, Papillon enjoys access to the high-quality sound system, including system commissioning, remote monitoring and comprehensive service, allowing the owners to concentrate solely on providing a unique dining and dancing experience for their guests.