The O2

ProjectO2 ArenamationLocationLondon, UKInstallerdigiLED UKSubmitted bydigiLED (UK) Ltd

In a world first, the patent-pending digiLED ZEUS (Zero Energy Usage System) technology, recently installed at London’s O2 arena, enables screen owners/operators to control the electrical power to their displays and save money.

Addressing the most common snags and complaints with powering giant LED screens, ZEUS, is an energy-saving device. Historically, when an LED screen shows black (overnight/non-operational), industry practice is to send a black feed to the display. What’s often not appreciated is that “playing black” consumes substantial amounts of electricity!

Our research (across many brands of LED screens) has shown that “playing black”, will still consume 7% to 17% of the maximum power draw. Worse still, when comparing it to average, not max power, “playing black” could burn ~50% of the average daytime running power.

This is wasted energy and performs no useful work – a problem which ZEUS addresses by changing this figure to zero.

In an era with rising electricity prices, the financial savings made by managing the screen’s downtime are substantial and payback periods are fast. In addition, with companies seeking B-Corp certification, green credentials can be enhanced with measurable hard data regarding Carbon Savings with ZEUS.

The sheer size of the project called for the retrofitting of the new efficient screen technology onto the superstructure of the 12-year-old Daktronics system which, amongst other things, was constructed using feet and inches (digiTHIN panels are exactly 500mm wide).

As well as this, the power system of the original screen was to be reused as much as possible – this too was found to be very ‘American’ in its wiring standards.

Nonetheless, the installation went without a hitch and the client is now delighted with its energy and co2 savings from the new system. Even factors such as the reuse of all the packaging materials of the subsequent Laver Cup tennis event held in September 2022 at the venue meant that this installation is one of the greenest that digiLED has ever undertaken.

digiLED ZEUS is a game-changer. Reducing ‘standby’ power consumption of giant LED screens to Zero, the device reduces greenhouse gas emissions of historically wasteful DOOH and other LED screen applications.

Controlled from an iPhone, the system soft starts digiLED screens thereby avoiding overload and tripping problems experienced at power-up. ZEUS also gives stadiums and venues a way to manage their screens’ off-season shutdown, keeping pixels in perfect condition during low or no usage periods.

And our customers agree: “digiLED’s ZEUS is a long overdue development in the LED screen industry,” said  Stuart Edwards Technology Director of The O2 London. “For too long it has been impossible to turn off LED displays when the crowds have gone home due to the difficulty of restarting these in-rush power-hungry beasts. ZEUS allows us to simply turn off the Arenamazing system with a smartphone, and its power management abilities mean that turning it back on is simple. digiLED ZEUS will save us significant sums over the coming years.”