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Mantra has a very good supply of mobile lights, mainly from the PROLIGHTS brand: 10 x Airfan, 10 x StarK Blade, 10 x MiniversaPar, 10 x Astra Wash 7 Pix, 10 x Jet Wash 19, 30 x Pixie Beam, 20 x Ruby FCX, 10 x Sunrise 2 IP. Also from MARTIN brand there are 20 x VDO Atomic Dot CLD, 20 x Rush MH 10, 16 x Mac Allure Profile,12 x Era 300 Profile, and MINUTE UNE with 8 Photon. Finally, we are using 60 x Beam light from POLAR BRAND. To control all the moving lights we are using Grand MA 3 Compact XT

Regarding LED technology Mantra has more than 20,000 x 2W pixels RGBW installed in a mesh on the ceiling, more than 600 m of digital Neon Flex and 350 RGB LEDbar with Black diffuser. We also installed 800 LED Hanging Japanese style.
To control all LED Digital Systems we are using MADRIX system with Ultimate License.

Mantra has more than 200m2 of LED screens distributed in different areas of the room, ceiling 20 x 6 m, mezzanine 15 x 2 x 2m, DJ booth 7 x10 x 6 m and screens of various formats in the kinetic areas of the club. Mostly we used a 3.9mm pitch in all areas and we trusted UNILUMEN equipment.
Resolume Arena was used to control all the screens and all the content on the screens was made in cooperation with the Indonesian artist Isha Hening.

The Kinetic system used in Mantra is a truly original and very exclusive bet.
It has 6 structures in the form of large leaves (more than 2m x 1.20m) and a weight of 250 kg with horizontal opening and closing movements managed directly with industrial actuators and DMX control managed by Madrix. These 6 structures work by hiding and showing the Djbooth. Mantra also has 6 kinetic circular structures 30” trusses of 3m diameter and managed by 20 cyberhoist 2 motors. All control of these circles is managed by Cyberhoist control as well.

Mantra also has a good set of special effects- we used MAGIC FX:
12 x Jet II CO2 and 2 x Stadium 2 Confetti .
We also have 12 x Sparkular waterfalls hanging from the ceiling of the room around the perimeter of the large LED screen and another 8 x Sparkular units on the stage. Mantra has 10 x 10W RGBW Lasers in the close position of the DJ pointing to the audience and another 4 x 10W RGBW Lasers mapping the stage area and DJ booth frontally.
Regarding Haze, we have trusted the 4 x JEM Hazer Pro from Martin.
We used the grand MA 3 to control all these Special effects.

What were the main challenges during the installation and how did you overcome them? *
Embarking on the installation of “Mantra” presented us with a canvas of challenges, each demanding ingenuity and precision. Two pivotal hurdles, in particular, defined our journey — the development of intricate kinetic elements and the pressure of a tightly constrained timeline.

The integration of kinetic elements within “Mantra” was an ambitious endeavour, seeking to breathe life into static spaces. The challenge lay in achieving seamless motion that complemented the fluidity of the overall design. Our team dedicated exhaustive hours to the development and refinement of these kinetic marvels, ensuring they not only met our artistic vision but also adhered to stringent safety and reliability standards.

Time, a relentless adversary, was another challenge we confronted. The timeline for “Mantra” installation was tight, demanding a harmonious orchestration of tasks without compromising the quality of craftsmanship. Our team faced this challenge with unwavering determination, implementing a meticulously planned schedule that maximized efficiency without sacrificing the precision demanded by the intricate kinetic elements.

– Parallel Workstreams: Recognizing the urgency, we orchestrated a simultaneous execution of tasks. While one team focused on the kinetic elements, another diligently worked on the lighting design, ensuring a parallel progression that optimized our resources.
– Streamlined Prototyping: To mitigate potential setbacks during the kinetic element development, our team implemented an iterative prototyping process. This allowed for real-time adjustments and enhancements, guaranteeing that the final installation met both aesthetic and functional benchmarks.
– Collaborative Synergy: A crucial aspect of overcoming these challenges was fostering open communication and collaboration within our team. By breaking down silos and encouraging cross-functional collaboration, we harnessed the collective expertise of our team members to navigate complexities.

In conclusion, the development of intricate kinetic elements and the race against time were not just challenges — they were chapters in the story of “Mantra,” testaments to our team’s resilience and commitment to delivering brilliance against all odds.

In the heart of our creative endeavours lies “Mantra,” a project that stands as a beacon of innovation, artistic brilliance, and transformative experiences. This is why we believe “Mantra” is not just a contender but a deserving champion for the Mondo Awards.

“Mantra” is more than an installation; it’s an emotional journey for every participant. By inviting them to actively engage with the space, “Mantra” forges a profound connection, turning mere spectators into integral contributors to the unfolding narrative.

Seamlessly marrying artistic expression with cutting-edge technology, “Mantra” creates an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional art installations. Its lighting design isn’t just visually stunning; it’s a work of art in itself. Each hue, shadow, and luminous pulse has been meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and create an ambience that is both captivating and unforgettable.

The success of “Mantra” is not just measured in its visual impact but in the satisfaction of our esteemed client. Their positive feedback stands as a testament to our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering excellence.

The impact of “Mantra” extends far beyond the physical space it occupies. Its visitors carry the experience with them, creating a ripple effect of positive memories and conversations, contributing to the cultural enrichment of our community.

In nominating “Mantra” for the Mondo Awards, we celebrate more than a project; we celebrate a triumph of creativity, technology, and human connection. It’s about pushing boundaries, setting standards, and crafting experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of all who encounter it.