La Môme

ProjectLa MômeLocationCannes, FranceManufacturersAPGInstallerPM ProductionSubmitted byArbane Groupe / 3WM Communications

La Môme Group, one of the major entertainment groups in Cannes, with several properties including a private beach, approached PM Production to upgrade the sound system at its renowned La Môme restaurant ahead of the busy summer season. Located a stone’s throw away from the Palais des Festivals, where the biggest stars gather every year for the Cannes Film Festival, La Môme welcomes locals and tourists alike, who flock to the restaurant to share an exclusive experience in the chic, relaxed atmosphere.

Initially, the owners had envisaged using a specific manufacturer’s product for their newest space, before being swayed by a demonstration of APG loudspeakers by system integrator PMP. “At first the clients wanted to go with a different brand, but for that there was a six-month wait,” recalls PMP’s Alexandre Pirotte. “We convinced them to do an A/B test at our facility with APG speakers and the ones they had in mind, and the APG models really impressed them. Six weeks later, they were being installed at La Môme.

The installation comprises four APG iS115 compact subs and nine SPOT 2.6-i loudspeakers. “They look discreet and deliver a really great sound – both at a lower level and when a DJ is pushing the volume later into the evening,” adds Pirotte. Two Powersoft Quattrocanali 8804 DSP+D amplifiers and a single 2404 power the system, which also includes speakers from APG’s iX-O range occupying one side of the outdoor seating area.

The La Môme installation was completed at speed because the owners wanted a high-quality system in their new room as soon as possible so they could start hosting diners. “The calibration was quick,” recalls Alexandre Pirotte. “I remember on the evening when the speakers were put up, I received a call at around 7.30pm from one of the directors – I looked at my phone and thought that there must be a problem, but he just wanted to say, ‘Alex, the sound is amazing!’ I told him that he could have waited until the next day – phone calls at this time are usually for bad news!”

The APG system installed by PMP has won plaudits from diners and the end user alike, delivering crystal clear sound at low levels but also able to accommodate a livelier late-night atmosphere when Cannes comes alive.

Mike Chekli, artistic director of La Môme Group, is delighted with the audio system, and is looking forward to aligning all La Môme Group’s properties on the street with APG solutions. “I don’t have much to say outside of praising our integrator, PMP, and Alexandre for their great professionalism,” he says. “He allowed me to discover a great alternative to a more famous and recognised brand, and I am totally satisfied with the APG systems. … It is the beginning of a beautiful and long relationship with great new projects to come.”